Forty Days on Being a Two

Forty Days on Being a Two

Enneagram Daily Reflections

by Hunter Mobley
Series Editor Christopher L. Heuertz

Forty Days on Being a Two
  • Length: 112 pages
  • Number of Studies: 40
  • Published: October 06, 2020
  •  Forthcoming
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-4744-0
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  • Case Quantity: 44

What is it like to be an Enneagram two?

Pastor, lawyer, and Enneagram speaker Hunter Mobley reflects on this question with a mix of self-compassion and hunger for personal growth. Using the metaphor of a welcoming Southern porch, he describes twos this way: "We have well-curated our reputations as people who can be counted on. We're the people of 'yes!' But beyond our front porches and living rooms is a diversity of unexpressed and unmet feelings and needs. Tiredness, loneliness, grief, disappointment, and longing live beside joy, gratitude, and hope in the kitchens, dens, and bedrooms of our houses."

These forty daily readings are an opportunity to explore both the shadow and the light that radiates from the front porches of our personality and deeper into the soul that lays within. Each reading concludes with an opportunity for further engagement such as a journaling prompt, reflection questions, a written prayer, or a spiritual practice.

Any of us can find aspects of ourselves in any of the numbers. The Enneagram is a profound tool for empathy, so whether or not you are a two, you will grow from your reading about twos and enhance your relationships across the Enneagram spectrum.


Series Introduction by Christopher H. Heuertz
40 Daily Readings


Hunter Mobley is an Enneagram teacher with Life in the Trinity Ministries, coleading the annual yearlong Contemplative Cohort with Joe Stabile. Since completing a multi-year apprenticeship with master Enneagram teacher Suzanne Stabile, Hunter has been teaching the Enneagram at conferences, retreats, corporate events, and churches. With degrees from Davidson College (BS), University of Kentucky (JD), and New York University (LLM), Hunter combines experience and insights from ministry, academia, and law practice as he teaches the Enneagram.

BY Hunter Mobley

Christopher L. Heuertz

Christopher L. Heuertz was first introduced to the Enneagram in the slums of Cambodia. Since then he has trained under some of the great living Enneagram masters, and now teaches the Enneagram in workshops around the world. He's a board member and Accredited Professional with the International Enneagram Association. Chris is the host of Enneagram Mapmakers podcast, TEDx speaker, and bestselling author of The Sacred Enneagram and The Enneagram of Belonging. He and his wife, Phileena, and their sweet dog, Basil, live in Omaha.

BY Christopher L. Heuertz