Enneagram Daily Reflections

ECPA Top Shelf Book Cover Award

What is it like to be each of the Enneagram numbers? Written by diverse authors and edited by master teacher Suzanne Stabile, these nine Enneagram Daily Reflections will give you a glimpse inside the experiences of each type. Formatted as forty daily readings, each volume also includes opportunities for further engagement such as a journaling prompts, reflection questions, a written prayer, or a spiritual practice after each day's reflection.

The Enneagram is a profound tool for empathy, so no matter what your number, you will grow from these readings and enhance your relationships across the Enneagram spectrum. Want to go even deeper with this spiritual tool? Browse IVP's entire collection of Enneagram books.

To meet all the volume authors, learn more about the books, and read articles written from each number's perspective, visit enneagramtoday.com.

Juanita Campbell Rasmus
40 Sessions
Hunter Mobley
40 Sessions
Sean Palmer
40 Sessions
Christine Yi Suh
40 Sessions
Morgan Harper Nichols
40 Sessions
Tara Beth Leach
40 Sessions
Gideon Yee Shun Tsang
40 Sessions
Sandra Maria Van Opstal
40 Sessions
Marlena Graves
40 Sessions