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Exodus 1--19

Liberating God's People

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by James W. Reapsome

Exodus 1--19
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  • Published: October 18, 2011
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Trust God.

Sounds simple, right? Yet, you know it is often very, very difficult to trust God with the things that matter most to you—money, career, marriage, health. As you study the book of Exodus, you'll see that Israel faced similar struggles to trust God completely. In this story of hardship and hope, you'll discover along with Israel that God—and God alone—is worthy of our trust.

This LifeGuide Bible Study features questions for starting group discussions and for meeting God in personal reflection. Leader's notes are included with information on study preparation, leading the study and small group components as well as helps for specific Bible passages covered in the study. Presented in a convenient workbook format and featuring the inductive Bible study approach, LifeGuides are thoroughly field-tested prior to publication; they're proven and popular guides for digging into Scripture on your own or with a small group.

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Getting the Most Out of Exodus 1--19
1. Courageous Resistance - Exodus 1
2. A Mother's Faith - Exodus 2
3. Facing the Impossible - Exodus 3--4
4. Obedient Courage - Exodus 5:1--7:7
5. God's Power on the Line - Exodus 7:8--10:29
6. Night of Deliverance - Exodus 11:1--12:28
7. Freedom Its Cost - Exodus 12:29--13:16
8. From Crisis to Triumph - Exodus 13:17--14:31
9. Praise for the Past Hope for the Future - Exodus 15:1-21
10. God Overcomes All - Exodus 15:22--17:16
11. Wise Counsel - Exodus 18
12. Hearing God's Voice - Exodus 19

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