Drama Team Handbook, By Alison Siewert and others
Drama Team Handbook
  • Length: 233 pages
  • Dimensions: 7 × 10 in
  • Published: September 15, 2003
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 2364
  • ISBN: 9780830823642

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Drama has power.

It can awaken us. Make us curious. Reveal our inner desires and passions. Remind us of our foolishness.

Drama has power in worship.

It can snap us out of our Sunday morning (or Saturday night) trance. It can draw us into the story of Scripture. It can help us see our sin. It can motivate us to change.

But drama can also be dull, predictable, guilt-inducing and just plain cheesy. How do we avoid the pitfalls and discover the power?

Alison Siewert and her team of writers have some ideas about that. They offer in this handbook articles on every aspect of drama ministry--from why it's biblical to how to direct a performance, from warm-ups for actors to how to write your own sketches. You'll learn how to do drama that is simple and meaningful--without experienced actors. You'll learn how to craft drama with authenticity and excellence. Also included are cutting-edge sketches for the postmodern crowd that you can reproduce for your drama team and use in your ministry.

Drama has power to change lives. Drama Team Handbook will show you how.


Part 1: Drama and Its Uses
1. Theatrical God
2. Waking Up
3. Drama and Worship
4. Drama and Musical Worship in Conversation
5. Transitions
6. Creative Information
7. Drama and Evangelism
8. Drama Across Cultures
9. Building a Performance Team from the Ground Up

Part 2: Writing Scripts
10. Where to Find Scripts
11. Sketching Life
12. Building a Writing Team
13. Telling the Whole Story
14. Context Isn't Everything, but It Sure Is a Lot
15. Writing Dialogue
16. Writing Funny
17. Writing Monologues
18. Creating Collages
19. Bringing the Word to Life
20. Scripting Scripture

Part 3: Acting
21. About Acting
22. Is It Okay for Christians to Act?
23. Character and Caricature
24. Using Your Voice
25. The Unself-Conscious Artist
26. Actors' Exercises
27. Freeing Up Your Body
28. Remaining Calm

Part 4: Directing
29. The Servant Director
30. The Director Prepares
31. The Audience
32. Directing Rehearsals
33. Working with Actors
34. Blocking
35. Rehearsing When You Don't Really Have Time to Rehearse
36. Props and Sets
37. Evaluating Performances

Appendix A: Bible Studies for Drama Teams
1. God Gets Started - Genesis 1:1--2:3
2. Your Name in Lights - Genesis 11:1-9
3. I Want What They Got - Psalm 73
4. Dr. Jesus - Luke 5:29-32
5. Making God's Name Known - Acts 17:16-34

Appendix B: The Spiritual Life of Drama Teams
Performers as Disciples and Disciples as Performers

Appendix C: Working with the Theater Community

Appendix D: Working with Drama Teams
For Pastors and Leaders
What Isn't Drama?

Appendix E: Resources for Drama Teams

Appendix F: Scripts for Drama Teams
The Dream
Mary: A Monologue on Luke 1:26-56
Shalom Like Jazz: A Monologue
Hebrews 11: Pretty Much the Whole Thing
Birthday Breath
Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man: Theme and Variations Introducing Luke 19
This Is My Jesus: A Round
Truth or Dare: A Sketch Introducing Confession
Shhh! For Psalm 46
Love American Style: A Sketch from Racethnicityou
The Branch
lifeDesign: A Conversation Between Moses and Miriam

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Alison Siewert

Alison Siewert is a graduate of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, and also attended Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. She currently serves as an arts pastor and church planter in the Hershey, Pennsylvania area.

She cowrote and edited Worship Team Handbook after leading worship at Urbana 93 and Urbana 96. She was director of the Urbana 03 Theater Team and is cofounder and director of ransomTHEdonKey, a theater group that performs in many settings, including campuses and churches. Previously, she has worked as a church planter, worship designer, and InterVarsity staff trainer.