C. S. Lewis, My Godfather: Letters, Photos and Recollections, By Laurence Harwood

C. S. Lewis, My Godfather

Letters, Photos and Recollections

by Laurence Harwood

C. S. Lewis, My Godfather
  • Length: 148 pages
  • Dimensions: 6 × 7 in
  • Published: December 20, 2007
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 3498
  • ISBN: 9780830834983

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"With the passage of time fewer and fewer people remain alive who knew him as a living friend, and I therefore think it right and timely to record some of my memories of my relationship with the man and some aspects of his much longer friendship with my own father, with my mother, and his contemporaries throughout his life. It was through this friendship with my parents that C. S. Lewis became my godfather."

--Laurence Harwood, from the Introduction

Laurence Harwood presents his memories and interactions with godfather C. S. Lewis, spanning Harwood's early boyhood to young adulthood. Harwood's recollections include letters received from Lewis, as well as memories of and letters between Lewis and Harwood's father, Cecil Harwood, who, along with his wife, Daphne, was one of Lewis's

closest and long-time friends. This book contributes to a more complete portrait of Lewis and focuses on Lewis's friendships with a boy and his father.

"This is a primary source of information about C. S. Lewis, and my admiration is unbounded. We may never see anything of its importance again."

Walter Hooper, editor of The Collected Letters of C. S. Lewis

Laurence Harwood offers us one more addendum to the Lewis biographical corpus - this light, well illustrated collection of materials surrounding the friendship of C. S. Lewis and his parents. The text abounds with pictures, copies of manuscripts, letters, poems; all interspersed with Laurence Harwood's commentary. The story presented is that of arcane intellectual friends living out a mundane domesticity of visits and vacations.

James L. Sauer, The Christian Librarian, 52, 2009

A treasure for those who have loved the writings of C. S. Lewis.

Mary Lou Henneman, Congregational Libraries Today, September/October 2008

This enjoyable, inexpensive book is recommended to individuals with a passion for Lewisiana.

Daniel Boice, Catholic Library World, December 2008

. . .this is not just a flat record of memories, but an account moving and amusing in equal measure, assembled lovingly with reproduced photographs, letters, and illustrations by Lewis himself.

Michael Ward, SEVEN

Those who have a keen interest in the life of C. S. Lewis will appreciate the previously unpublished memorabilia relating to this famous scholar.

Glen H. Jones, PulpitHelps, June 2008

. . .a precious contribution to our understanding of Lewis. . .

Simon Blaxland-de Lange in New View Quarterly (UK)

Provides a deeper look into the beloved author's personal life and Christian faith and paints a portrait of what it looks like to live out Christ's teachings with grace and practicality.

PulpitHelps, February 2008

Recollections by Harwood and writings by Lewis to his friends--some of which have never been published--will be enjoyed by Lewis enthusiasts, lovers of poetry and the English language and those who simply want an inside look into an inspired life lived well.

Laurie Barker Coneland for Christian Retailing, December 10, 2007


1 Introduction
2 Friends at Oxford
3 Lovers of Literature
4 Walking Tours
5 Friendship After Oxford
6 Godfather Jack
7 My Letters from My Godfather
8 My Mother?s Death
9 My Failure at Oxford
10 Jack?s Illness and Marriage to Joy Davidman
11 Jack?s Last Years
12 Jack?s Death
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Laurence Harwood

Laurence Harwood is a retired chartered surveyor with a career in the National Trust of the United Kingdom. His work reflects his concern for the well-being of the countryside and coastline of the United Kingdom. In 1996 he was awarded the Order of the British Empire for services to conservation, and in retirement he has become involved with a wide variety of charitable activities. His presentation about his godfather, C. S. Lewis, has taken him to a variety of venues both in the United Kingdom and the United States.