Do you need a new paradigm for church ministry?

Whether you're a seasoned pastor or just out of seminary, IVP's church leadership resources will strengthen your personal walk, spark new ideas for outreach and discipleship, and transform your leadership teams. While we publish ministry resources for leaders of all kinds, we also offer IVP Praxis—a distinct line of books written by pastors, for pastors. Featuring both vision-shaping titles as well as practical resources ready to be implemented, Praxis titles are paradigm shifters for ministry leaders who want to break new ground and grow the church.


Heather Zempel
David E. Fitch
Reggie McNeal
David T. Bourgeois
Michael Todd Wilson and Brad Hoffmann
Ryan T. Hartwig and Warren Bird


Jared Patrick Boyd
Lucy Moore and Jane Leadbetter
Andrew A. Boa
Mark DeVries and Nate Stratman
Jamie D. Aten and David M. Boan
J.R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt
Mark DeVries and Annette Safstrom

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