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If ever there was an environment hostile to the gospel, it was the strife-torn, ethnically diverse backwater of the Roman Empire known as Palestine following the ascension of Jesus. But the gospel thrived--beginning from Jerusalem and spreading throughout Judea, Samaria and the rest of the known world.

In Acts, the sequel to his Gospel, Luke tells how the Holy Spirit transformed a ragtag band of believers into a unified, world-engaging church. And as William Larkin explores this narrative of the early church, he offers inspiration and insight for readers who wonder how the gospel may be advanced in the increasingly divided and skeptical culture of the late twentieth century.

In this clear, incisive commentary, readers will find an introduction with background material concerning authorship, date and purpose, as well as a summary of important theological themes. A passage-by-passage exposition follows that focuses on understanding what significance Acts had for its original readers in order to see its relevance for the church today. Students, pastors, Bible teachers and everyone who wants to understand the message of Acts for the church will benefit from this excellent resource.


General Preface
Author's Preface
Outline of Acts


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William J. Larkin

William J. Larkin is professor of biblical studies at Columbia Biblical Seminary and the Graduate School of Ministry in Columbia, South Carolina. An ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, he is also the author of Culture and Biblical Hermeneutics.