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  • Invest in Transformation: Quit Relying on Trust, By Tod Bolsinger

    Invest in Transformation

    Quit Relying on Trust

    Practicing Change Series

    by Tod Bolsinger
    Illustrated by Mark Demel
    Foreword by Marty Linsky

    We must invest trust to experience transformation. Groups that have become skeptical need leadership to refuel a sense of community and continuity if change is going to happen. But trust can be easily hoarded or squandered. In this volume in the Practicing Change Series, Tod Bolsinger outlines steps to envision trust for the sake of growth.

  • Is Your Lord Large Enough?: How C. S. Lewis Expands Our View of God, By Peter J. Schakel

    Is Your Lord Large Enough?

    How C. S. Lewis Expands Our View of God

    by Peter J. Schakel

    Peter Schakel opens to you the more practical parts of C. S. Lewis's wonderful writings. Covering areas of potential struggle such as prayer, suffering, doubt and love, Schakel draws principles from Lewis's nonfiction as well as illustrations from the Chronicles of Narnia to stir your imagination and soul so that you might see God in new ways.

  • Restoring the Soul of the University: Unifying Christian Higher Education in a Fragmented Age, By Perry L. Glanzer and Nathan F. Alleman and Todd C. Ream

    Restoring the Soul of the University

    Unifying Christian Higher Education in a Fragmented Age

    by Perry L. Glanzer, Nathan F. Alleman, and Todd C. Ream

    Has the American university gained the whole world but lost its soul? Christian universities must reimagine excellence in a time of exile, placing the liberating arts before the liberal arts and focusing on the worship, love, and knowledge of God as central to academia. This pioneering work charts the history of the university and casts an inspiring vision for the future of higher education.

  • Men and Women in the Church: Building Consensus on Christian Leadership, By Sarah Sumner

    Men and Women in the Church

    Building Consensus on Christian Leadership

    by Sarah Sumner
    Foreword by Phillip E. Johnson

    Avoiding the pitfalls of both radical feminism and reactionary conservatism, Sarah Sumner traces a new path through the thicket of issues--biblical, theological, psychological and practical--to establish and affirm common ground in the debate over men and women in the church.

  • Longing for Revival: From Holy Discontent to Breakthrough Faith, By James Choung and Ryan Pfeiffer

    Longing for Revival

    From Holy Discontent to Breakthrough Faith

    by James Choung and Ryan Pfeiffer

    Revival begins with God , but it's lived out through us. James Choung and Ryan Pfeiffer have seen revival in their own ministries, with remarkable transformation in both individuals and communities. They unpack what revival looks like, how Christians can anticipate it, and how they can experience it, providing a model of revival leadership for Christians who want to facilitate and spread revival in their contexts.

  • Sanctuary of the Soul: Journey into Meditative Prayer, By Richard J. Foster

    Sanctuary of the Soul

    Journey into Meditative Prayer

    by Richard J. Foster

    Richard Foster equips Christians to embark successfully on the journey of meditative prayer. Featuring short chapters on the method of meditative prayer, insights from classical Christian writers, and reflections from Foster's own experiences of prayer, this book provides much-needed bearings for Christian spiritual practice today.

  • Ministry in the Image of God: The Trinitarian Shape of Christian Service, By Stephen Seamands

    Ministry in the Image of God

    The Trinitarian Shape of Christian Service

    by Stephen Seamands

    Stephen Seamands demonstrates how a fully orbed theology of the Trinity transforms our understanding and practice of vocational ministry.

  • Pursuing God’s Will Together: A Discernment Practice for Leadership Groups (InterVarsity Press/Formatio) by Ruth Haley Barton was chosen for a 2012 Leadership Book Award in the category of "The Leader’s Outer Life." Leadership Journal editors and contributing editors narrowed the awarded titles down to the ten "books that are too good to miss."

  • How to Give Away Your Faith, By Paul E. Little

    How to Give Away Your Faith

    The IVP Signature Collection

    by Paul E. Little
    Foreword by Lee Strobel

    Talking about your faith can be intimidating. In this practical, down-to-earth book, Paul Little offers real-world examples and helpful advice that show how friendly and natural evangelism can really be. He guides readers in knowing both the Bible and the people they're sharing with, using both words and actions, and responding to common objections and questions.

  • Diary of an Old Soul: Annotated Edition, By George MacDonald

    Diary of an Old Soul

    Annotated Edition

    by George MacDonald
    With Timothy Larsen

    In 1880, George MacDonald self-published a long poem in book form—seven-line stanzas for each day of the year expressing his longings, struggles, and joys in everyday life. Now in this deluxe edition, the complete text of MacDonald's classic devotional resource is available with blank journaling pages and new annotations by Timothy Larsen.