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  • Living in Bonus Time

    Living in Bonus Time

    Surviving Cancer, Finding New Purpose

    by Alec Hill

    Those who experience and survive cancer live in bonus time, a season of grace that can be both disorienting and wonderful. In this honest and hopeful account, two-time survivor Alec Hill helps readers recalibrate expectations, grapple with survivor's guilt, and steward the opportunities for new purpose and growth. Survivors and caregivers can discover how encountering death can bring us to a different kind of life.

  • Living in Christ's Presence Set
    product set

    Living in Christ's Presence Set

    In Living in Christ's Presence, Dallas Willard explores what it means to live well now in light of God's kingdom. The book includes a group discussion guide and each chapter is followed with an illuminating dialogue between Willard and John Ortberg. The set also includes an accompanying two-disc video presentation.

  • Before Their Time

    Before Their Time

    Lessons in Living from Those Born Too Soon

    by Daniel Taylor and Ronald Hoekstra

    Here are the stories of six children born too soon--true stories of women, men and tiny children exploring the meaning of life, death and faith. Written by Daniel Taylor from extensive interviews, each story arises out of the practice of Dr. Ronald Hoekstra at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Enter the neonatal intensive care unit, a place of drama, heartache, waiting and joy.

  • Living the Christian Year

    Living the Christian Year

    Time to Inhabit the Story of God

    by Bobby Gross

    Bobby Gross presents chapters on each season of the liturgical year, accompanied by weekly devotions based on the Sunday readings of the lectionary cycle. His book offers a flexible weekly format, designed to let you break the devotions down any way you want to.

  • Do you want to discover the riches of Scripture? Do you want to draw closer to God? The Daily Quiet Time Bible Study was designed for your personal time of worship and study. Check back every day for a new study, and join the millions who have used this free devotional resource.

  • Living Wisely with the Church Fathers

    Living Wisely with the Church Fathers

    by Christopher A. Hall

    Early Christians lived in a culture not unlike our own—in love with empire, infatuated with sex, tolerant of all gods but hostile to the One. Christopher Hall takes us back to that time, conversing with Christian leaders around the ancient Mediterranean world and exploring how this cloud of witnesses challenges us to live ethical lives as Christ followers.

  • Wasting Time with God

    Wasting Time with God

    A Christian Spirituality of Friendship with God

    by Klaus Issler

    asting Time with God Klaus Issler considers seven character traits and companion disciplines to develop in light of God's friendship with us in order to help us make more room in our lives for him.

  • Quiet Time

    Quiet Time

    by InterVarsity Staff

    This guidebook by InterVarsity staff offers practical help for developing a regular and meaningful time for fellowship with God.

  • God and Time

    God and Time

    Four Views

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by Gregory E. Ganssle
    Contributions by Paul Helm, Alan G. Padgett, William Lane Craig, and Nicholas Wolterstorff

    Editor Gregory Ganssle calls on four Christian philosophers to present and defend their views on the place of God in a time-bound universe. The positions taken up here include divine timeless eternity, eternity as relative timelessness, timelessness and omnitemporality, and unqualified divine temporality.

  • Passionate Living: Praises and Promises

    Passionate Living: Praises and Promises

    A Devotional

    Passionate Living Set

    by Kenneth Boa

    In this two book series, bestselling author and teacher Ken Boa shares the transforming power of Scripture through daily readings and prayers designed to shed light on all aspects of your life.