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  • Healing Spiritual Abuse

    Healing Spiritual Abuse

    How to Break Free from Bad Church Experiences

    by Ken M. Blue

    Asserting that spiritual abuse in the church is more common than we realize, Ken Blue examines the causes of spiritual abuse, identifies abusive patterns, offers healing to those who have suffered abuse and describes how leaders should model the gospel of grace.

  • Beyond Colorblind

    Beyond Colorblind

    Redeeming Our Ethnic Journey

    by Sarah Shin

    While society may try to be colorblind, we can’t ignore that God created us with our ethnic identities, and he made them for good. Ethnicity and evangelism specialist Sarah Shin reveals how our broken ethnic stories can be restored and redeemed, demonstrating God's power to others and bringing good news to the world. Discover how your ethnic story can be transformed for compelling witness and mission.

  • Liberation Is Here

    Liberation Is Here

    Women Uncovering Hope in a Broken World

    by Nikole Lim

    When confronted with the prevalence of sexual violence in Kenyan and Zambian communities, filmmaker Nikole Lim committed to advocating alongside her courageous African sisters to end the cycle of violence through faith, education, and self-empowerment. Weaving together these women's powerful stories, Lim paints a picture of God's grace and healing amid fear and trauma.

  • How Neighborhoods Make Us Sick

    How Neighborhoods Make Us Sick

    Restoring Health and Wellness to Our Communities

    by Veronica Squires and Breanna Lathrop

    Our neighborhoods are literally making us sick. If we truly want to love our neighbors, we must work to create social environments in which people can be healthy. While working in community redevelopment and treating uninsured families, Veronica Squires and Breanna Lathrop discovered that we can promote the health of our communities by addressing social determinants that facilitate healing in under-resourced neighborhoods.

  • Health, Healing and the Church's Mission

    Health, Healing and the Church's Mission

    Biblical Perspectives and Moral Priorities

    by Willard M. Swartley

    Does the Christian community have the resources to develop a coherent response to today?s health care challenges? In a comprehensive survey covering the full scope of the Bible and three millennia of Christian belief and practice, Willard Swartley fleshes out the central place of health care in the church?s mission.

  • Why Do I Feel Like This?

    Why Do I Feel Like This?

    Understand Your Difficult Emotions and Find Grace to Move Through

    by Peace Amadi

    It's easy to get overwhelmed by all sorts of conflicting, difficult emotions. But psychology professor and personal development coach Dr. Peace Amadi can help you navigate the complexity of your emotions and live through them in healthy ways. With insights from both psychology and Scripture, this book offers you a clear plan to get your peace back and find your joy again.

  • The Healing Journey for Adult Children of Alcoholics

    The Healing Journey for Adult Children of Alcoholics

    by Daryl E. Quick

    Daryl E. Quick uses a step-by-step approach (enhanced by inspiring stories and practical exercises) to help readers learn new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that will replace the destructive patterns learned in childhood.

  • Hurting Yet Whole

    Hurting Yet Whole

    Reconciling Body and Spirit in Chronic Pain and Illness

    by Liuan Huska

    What is healing when our bodies suffer chronic illness? As Liuan Huska went through years of chronic pain, she questioned how the Christian story speaks to our experiences of pain and illness. Countering a gnosticism that pits body against spirit, Huska helps us redefine what it means to find healing and wholeness, even in the midst of ongoing pain.

  • All God's Children

    All God's Children

    How Confronting Buried History Can Build Racial Solidarity

    by Terence Lester
    Foreword by Daniel Hill

    The more you understand someone's history, the better you can see their humanity. Terence Lester shares the buried history of the struggles that Black people have faced against unjust systems, paving the way for the church to move beyond showing support from a distance toward long-term solidarity, advocacy, and friendship.