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  • The Radical Pursuit of Rest

    The Radical Pursuit of Rest

    Escaping the Productivity Trap

    by John Koessler
    Foreword by Mark Galli

    Whether in our careers, churches, schools or families, busyness is the norm, and anything less makes us feel unproductive and anxious. John Koessler understands that rest is not automatic or easy to attain. With honest, biblical reflections on trends in our culture and churches, he presents a unique perspective on how pursuing rest leads us to the heart of God.

  • The God Who Risks

    The God Who Risks

    A Theology of Divine Providence

    by John Sanders

    With an in-depth reading of the Old and New Testaments, and by probing into philosophical, historical and systematic theology, John Sanders presents a "relational theism," an understanding of providence in which "a personal God enters into genuine give-and-take relations with his creatures."

  • The Radical Disciple

    The Radical Disciple

    Some Neglected Aspects of Our Calling

    by John Stott

    In the last book by the leading evangelical churchman of the 20th century, John Stott opens up what it means at root to be a follower of Jesus. He explores eight aspects of Christian discipleship which are too often neglected and yet deserve to be taken seriously: nonconformity, Christlikeness, maturity, creation care, simplicity, balance, dependence and death.The message is simple, classic and personal: Jesus is Lord. He calls. We follow.

  • The Emotions of God

    The Emotions of God

    Making Sense of a God Who Hates, Weeps, and Loves

    by David T. Lamb

    The God of the Bible is emotional. But for some Christians, the idea of God experiencing deep emotions can be confusing and problematic. In this rich study, Biblical scholar David Lamb examines seven divine emotions, arguing for the goodness of God's emotions, so that we might better know and reflect the beauty of emotion to the world.

  • Flood and Fury

    Flood and Fury

    Old Testament Violence and the Shalom of God

    by Matthew J. Lynch
    Foreword by Helen Paynter

    Old Testament violence proves one of the most troubling topics in the Bible. Without softening or ignoring the most troubling realities of the text, Old Testament scholar Matthew Lynch addresses violence related to misogyny, racism, and nationalism in the Old Testament, yielding surprising insights into the goodness and mercy of God.

  • Portraits of a Radical Disciple

    Portraits of a Radical Disciple

    Recollections of John Stott's Life and Ministry

    Edited by Christopher J. H. Wright
    Featuring John Stott

    John Stott has been a giant on the landscape of the worldwide church for more than half a century. Here Christopher H. Wright has compiled almost three dozen brief, very human-sized portraits from leaders such as Michael Green, Samuel Escobar, René Padilla, Ajith Fernando.of a man who has been an example of radical disciple for generations.

  • The Providence of God

    The Providence of God

    Contours of Christian Theology

    by Paul Helm

    Paul Helm introduces the doctrine of divine providence--focusing on metaphysical and moral aspects and especially noting divine control, providence and evil, and the role of prayer. In the Contours of Christian Theology.

  • Agents of Flourishing

    Agents of Flourishing

    Pursuing Shalom in Every Corner of Society

    Made to Flourish Resources

    by Amy L. Sherman

    God calls Christians of every vocation to participate in his redemptive mission so that every corner and square inch of society can flourish as God intends. Amy Sherman offers a multifaceted, biblically grounded roadmap for enacting God's call to seek the shalom of our communities, showcasing historical and contemporary models of faithful and transformational cultural engagement.

  • Pursuing God's Call

    Pursuing God's Call

    by Tom Lin

    In this new Urbana Onward minibook, Urbana director Tom Lin tells the story of his transformation from a success-driven Harvard student to a global pioneer of Christian campus ministry. He emboldens the next generation of global missionaries to enter a life of uncertainty and risk in expectation of radical blessings from God.