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  • Saving the Bible from Ourselves

    Saving the Bible from Ourselves

    Learning to Read and Live the Bible Well

    by Glenn R. Paauw

    Has dividing the Bible into chapters and verses led to sampling Scripture rather than reading it deeply? According to author Glenn R. Paauw, misreading the Bible has divorced it from its context, leaving only a database of quick answers to life's questions. In these pages he introduces us to seven new understandings of Scripture to help us read and live the Bible well.

  • IVP Signature Bible Studies
    product set

    IVP Signature Bible Studies

    In celebration of IVP's 75th anniversary in July 2022, we are releasing special editions of select iconic and bestselling books from throughout our history. As companions to our IVP Signature Collection, the IVP Signature Bible Studies feature new and classic study guides that help individuals and groups explore and apply biblical truths.

  • Reading the Bible with John Stott Series
    product set

    Reading the Bible with John Stott Series

    by John Stott

    The books in this series offer the essential message of one of the world's most beloved Bible teachers. John Stott's teaching, largely drawn from his Bible Speaks Today volumes, are presented here in a format suitable for daily reading. Questions at the end of each section make these books even more useful for individuals or groups.

  • Do you want to discover the riches of Scripture? Do you want to draw closer to God? The Daily Quiet Time Bible Study was designed for your personal time of worship and study. Check back every day for a new study, and join the millions who have used this free devotional resource.

  • John Stott Bible Studies
    product set

    John Stott Bible Studies

    by John Stott

    Assembled from commentaries written by the late John Stott, this topical and book-based Bible study set is for individuals and groups that want what Stott wanted—to bring their lives under the authority of the Bible. Each study guide includes Stott's informative exposition of key biblical passages with inductive study questions.

  • The Bible

    The Bible

    God's Word for Today

    by John Stott
    With Tim Chester

    How can Christians effectively engage today's world while staying true to Scripture? Calling us to listen well to both the Word and the world, John Stott shows how Christianity can preserve its authentic identity and remain relevant to current realities. With pastoral wisdom and clear biblical exposition, Stott helps readers understand the central role of the Word of God in the church and the individual lives of all followers of Jesus.

  • One Bible, Many Versions

    One Bible, Many Versions

    Are All Translations Created Equal?

    by Dave Brunn

    Dave Brunn has been an international Bible translator for many years. Here he divulges the inner workings of translation practice to help us sort out the many competing claims for superiority among English Bible translations. His professional assessments and conclusions will be a great help to all seeking truth in translation.

  • How to Understand Your Bible

    How to Understand Your Bible

    by T. Norton Sterrett and Richard L. Schultz

    Have you ever felt like you can't make sense out of the Bible but wished you could? Then this book is for you. Starting from scratch, Norton Sterrett presents the general rules for reading the Bible's ordinary language and moves on to specific principles that apply to special types of language such as parables, figures of speech, Hebrew poetry and symbols.