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  • InterVarsity Press is thrilled to announce the release of the long-awaited three-volume Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity.

    This comprehensive set originated with the widely praised Italian edition: Nuovo dizionario patristico e di antichità cristiane (2006-2008). The English version—developed by a team of editors, translators, designers and typesetters—includes new articles and revisions that the previous Italian version did not publish, and is sure to be a major part of libraries and collections throughout the English-speaking world.

  • Andy Crouch, known as one of Christianity's most compelling visionaries on culture, was the featured speaker at the Q session in New York City Tuesday and Wednesday, September 17 and 18. Crouch addressed one hundred leaders at the Q session on the topic of power and what it means to bear God's image in a culture that has substituted it for many other images.