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  • Economic Justice in a Flat World: Christian Perspectives on Globalization, Edited by Steven Rundle

    Economic Justice in a Flat World

    Christian Perspectives on Globalization

    Edited by Steven Rundle

    Writers urge the church to help identify the essentials of Christian perspective on the societal, environmental and economic implications of globalization and to live accordingly.

  • Join the Resistance: Step into the Good Work of Kingdom Justice, By Michelle Ferrigno Warren

    Join the Resistance

    Step into the Good Work of Kingdom Justice

    by Michelle Ferrigno Warren
    Foreword by Latasha Morrison
    Afterword by Dominique DuBois Gilliard

    Faith-rooted justice advocate Michelle Ferrigno Warren equips Christians to join Christ's restorative work in the world. From grassroots to grass tops, Warren invites us to understand our place in this moment and learn from the poets and prophets who call us to resist oppression and injustice.

  • Everyday Justice: The Global Impact of Our Daily Choices, By Julie Clawson

    Everyday Justice

    The Global Impact of Our Daily Choices

    by Julie Clawson
    Foreword by Tom Sine and Christine Sine

    Julie Clawson takes us on a tour of everyday life and shows how our ordinary lifestyle choices have big implications for justice around the world. She unpacks how we get our food and clothing and shows us the surprising costs of consumer waste, ultimately revealing how everyday justice is an important way of loving God and our neighbors.

  • Window on the World: An Operation World Prayer Resource, Edited by Molly Wall and Jason Mandryk

    Window on the World

    An Operation World Prayer Resource

    Operation World Resources

    Edited by Molly Wall and Jason Mandryk

    If you appreciate Operation World as an adult, your kids will love this invaluable and age-appropriate prayer resource that develops cultural, political, and geographical awareness. This revised edition includes new entries for more countries and people groups, with updated information and prayer points. Young people and adults alike can discover and pray for the peoples of the world.

  • Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation, By Jason Mandryk

    Operation World

    The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation

    Operation World Resources

    by Jason Mandryk

    The definitive guide to global prayer has now been completely updated and revised to cover the entire populated world. Whether you are an intercessor praying behind the scenes or a missionary abroad, Operation World gives you the information you need to play a vital role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

  • Reforming Mercy Ministry: A Practical Guide to Loving Your Neighbor, By Ted Rivera

    Reforming Mercy Ministry

    A Practical Guide to Loving Your Neighbor

    by Ted Rivera

    "Love your neighbor as yourself." It's the second greatest commandment, according to Jesus, but it's easier said than done. Never shying away from the complicated nature of contemporary issues, Ted Rivera identifies thirty-three ways we can engage the world with Christian compassion.

  • Majority World Theology: Christian Doctrine in Global Context, Edited by Gene L. Green and Stephen T. Pardue and K. K. Yeo

    Majority World Theology

    Christian Doctrine in Global Context

    Edited by Gene L. Green, Stephen T. Pardue, and K. K. Yeo

    More Christians live in the Majority World than in Europe and North America. Yet most theological literature does not reflect the rising tide of Christian reflection coming from these regions. Bringing together theological resources from past and present, East and West, this work engages conversations with leading global scholars on theology, faith, and mission for the enrichment of the entire church.

  • Kingdom Come: How Jesus Wants to Change the World, By Allen M. Wakabayashi

    Kingdom Come

    How Jesus Wants to Change the World

    by Allen M. Wakabayashi

    With clear, biblical insight, Allen Wakabayashi reveals what God is up to right now: transforming the entire world and making things right. Read this book to revolutionize how you live out your faith, how you think about your world and how you explain the good news about Jesus.

  • The Return of the Kingdom: A Biblical Theology of God's Reign, By Stephen G. Dempster

    The Return of the Kingdom

    A Biblical Theology of God's Reign

    Essential Studies in Biblical Theology

    by Stephen G. Dempster

    In this ESBT volume, Stephen Dempster traces the themes of kingship and kingdom throughout Scripture, illuminating the challenges, pain, and ultimate hope that the Bible offers. The story of God's kingship is ultimately the fulfillment of a promise to defeat sin and death and to establish a world of peace and justice.

  • The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor: Seeing Others Through the Eyes of Jesus, By Mark Labberton

    The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor

    Seeing Others Through the Eyes of Jesus

    by Mark Labberton

    Seeing rightly, says Mark Labberton, is the beginning of how our hearts are changed. Through careful self-examination in the Spirit, we begin to bear the fruit of love toward others that can make a difference. Here is a chance to reflect on why our ordinary hearts can be complacent about the evils in the world and how we can begin to see the world like Jesus.