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  • Now Choose Life

    Now Choose Life

    Theology and Ethics in Deuteronomy

    New Studies in Biblical Theology

    by Gary Millar
    Series Editor D. A. Carson

    In this NSBT volume, Dr. J. Gary Millar provides a careful and perceptive analysis of Deuteronomy's ethical teaching set in the context of the book's theology. After discussing how Deuteronomy has been understood by other scholars, he sets out his own interpretation, dealing with its ethics in the light of key themes in the book: covenant, journey, law and the nations.

  • Deuteronomy Published By IVP UK


    Apollos Old Testament Commentary Series

    by J. G. McConville

    J. G. McConville offers a theological interpretation of Deuteronomy, arguing that in the context of the ancient world this Old Testament book should be understood as the radical blueprint for the life of a people.

  • Calling on the Name of the Lord

    Calling on the Name of the Lord

    A Biblical Theology of Prayer

    New Studies in Biblical Theology

    by Gary Millar
    Series Editor D. A. Carson

    Defining prayer simply as "calling on the name of the Lord," Millar follows the contours of the Bible's teaching on prayer. In this New Studies in Biblical Theology volume, he shows how prayer is intimately linked with the gospel and how it is primarily to be understood as asking God to deliver on his promises.

  • Deuteronomy


    Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

    by Edward J. Woods

    An all-new, replacement volume in the classic Tyndale Commentary series! Delivered on the verge of Israel's etry into the land of Canaan, Deuteronomy has been described as a book "on the boundary." Edward J. Woods underscores the book's demand that Israel make its words the interpreter of their life story in the land "beyond the Jordan."

  • J. I. Packer

    J. I. Packer

    His Life and Thought

    by Alister McGrath

    J. I. Packer was one of the most influential evangelical theological and spiritual writers of the twentieth century. In this beautiful recollection of Packer's life and faith, Alister McGrath explores his many contributions to theology and spirituality, engagingly setting out the central themes of his work for a new generation of readers.

  • Life Questions Every Student Asks

    Life Questions Every Student Asks

    Faithful Responses to Common Issues

    Edited by Gary M. Burge and David Lauber
    Foreword by Mary S. Hulst

    Every student asks questions about life beyond the classroom—how can I discern my vocation? How should I understand marriage and sex? What happens if I doubt my faith? To help students navigate these life questions, Gary M. Burge and David Lauber have gathered insights from Christian faculty who draw on their own conversations with students during office hours and over coffee.

  • Who Needs Theology?

    Who Needs Theology?

    An Invitation to the Study of God

    by Stanley J. Grenz and Roger E. Olson

    Stanley J. Grenz and Roger E. Olson show what theology is, what tools theologians use, why every believer (advanced degrees or not) is a theologian and how the theological enterprise can be productive and satisfying.

  • Interpreting Deuteronomy

    Interpreting Deuteronomy

    Issues and Approaches

    Edited by David G. Firth and Philip S. Johnston

    David Firth and Philip Johnston edit this new collection of essays from the vanguard of Old Testament studies. Beginning with the unique literary and theological dimensions of Deuteronomy, these essays open up the major approaches, issues and debates occupying today's best evangelical interpreters.

  • Old Testament Theology

    Old Testament Theology

    Israel's Life

    Old Testament Theology Series

    by John Goldingay

    In the final volume of his three-volume Old Testament theology, John Goldingay explores the Old Testament vision of Israel's life before God. The spotlight falls on the Old Testament's perspective on the life that Israel should live in its present and future, including its worship, prayer and spirituality, as well as its practices, attitudes and ethics before God.