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  • Doing Theology with the Reformers

    Doing Theology with the Reformers

    by Gerald L. Bray

    In this RCS companion volume Gerald L. Bray immerses readers in the world of Reformation theology. He introduces the range of theological debates as Catholics and Protestants from a diversity of traditions disputed the essentials of the faith, from the authority of Scripture and the nature of salvation to the definition of the church, the efficacy of the sacraments, and the place of good works in the Christian life.

  • Trinitarian Theology for the Church

    Trinitarian Theology for the Church

    Scripture, Community, Worship

    Wheaton Theology Conference Series

    Edited by Daniel J. Treier and David Lauber

    These select essays, brought together from the 2008 Wheaton College Theology Conference by editors Daniel J. Treier and David Lauber, show both the substance and the importance of the doctrine of the Trinity for our worship, our reading of Scripture and the mission of the church.

  • The Shape of Practical Theology

    The Shape of Practical Theology

    Empowering Ministry with Theological Praxis

    by Ray S. Anderson

    Ray S. Anderson lays out a new and renewing theological foundation for engaging in Christian ministry. Illuminated by discussion and case studies, he shows how a biblically informed approach addresses real issues in Christ's power.

  • Grassroots Asian Theology

    Grassroots Asian Theology

    Thinking the Faith from the Ground Up

    by Simon Chan

    A dynamic chapter of church history is now being written in Asia. But the theological inflections at its heart are not well understood by outsiders. Simon Chan explores Asian Christianity at its grassroots, sustaining level and finds a vibrant, implicit theology that is authentically Asian. More than a survey, this is a serious and constructive contribution to Asian theology.

  • Recalibrate Your Life

    Recalibrate Your Life

    Navigating Transitions with Purpose and Hope

    by Kenneth Boa and Jenny Abel

    Times of transition, especially in midlife or later life, are ideal moments for recalibrating our priorities and habits. Ken Boa and Jenny Abel give us the practical tools and eternal perspective needed to evaluate our God-given gifts, skills, wisdom, resources, and opportunities in order to live meaningfully now and into the future.

  • God Dwells Among Us

    God Dwells Among Us

    A Biblical Theology of the Temple

    Essential Studies in Biblical Theology

    by G. K. Beale and Mitchell Kim
    Series edited by Benjamin L. Gladd

    What does the temple mean for the church's ongoing mission in the world? This ESBT volume examines temple theology throughout Scripture, exploring how this theme relates to Christian life and witness today. God has always desired to dwell among us; now the church must follow its missional call to extend the borders of God's kingdom and take his presence to the ends of the earth.

  • Arminian Theology

    Arminian Theology

    Myths and Realities

    by Roger E. Olson

    Roger Olson sets forth classical Arminian theology and addresses the myriad misunderstandings and misrepresentations of it through the ages. For anyone interested in the Calvinist/Arminian debate, this irenic yet incisive book argues that classical Arminian theology has a rightful place in the evangelical church because of its deep roots within Reformational theology.

  • Contours of Christian Theology
    product set

    Contours of Christian Theology

    Edited by Gerald L. Bray

    This series of concise introductory-level textbooks focuses on the main themes of Christian theology--exploring perennial questions and their time-tested solutions while moving forward to consider contemporary issues and rework evangelical formulations of the faith.