Trinitarian Theology for the Church

Scripture, Community, Worship

Wheaton Theology Conference Series

Edited by Daniel J. Treier and David Lauber

Trinitarian Theology for the Church
  • Length: 262 pages
  • Published: April 2009
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The doctrine of the Trinity has gained considerable attention in recent years. These select essays, brought together from the 2008 Wheaton College Theology Conference by editors Daniel J. Treier and David Lauber, show both the substance and the importance of the doctrine for our worship, our reading of Scripture and the mission of the church. This collection provides a helpful orientation to the significance of the trinitarian nature of Christian faith for students and pastors.

"The book as a whole provides a useful account of the ways in which trinitarian theology informs various aspects of Christian faith and practice, especially when viewed from an Evangelical perspective."

Mark Weedman, Biblical Theology Bulletin,

"This collection is stimulating and of unusually high quality, and the book deserves to be read and pondered by all who have a serious interest on its subject."

Gerald Bray, Churchman, Summer 2010

"This volume represents a significant contribution to contemporary discussions surrounding the doctrine of the trinity and it evangelical appropriations of that conversation, especially in relation to the doctrine of Scripture. It will be of interest to those conducting research in related fields, as well as to a broad spectrum of evangelical scholars, pastors, and laypersons."

W. Travis McMaken, Koinonia



Part One: Scripture: The Bible and the Triune Economy
1.Triune Discourse: Theological Reflections on the Claim That God Speaks, Part 1
Kevin J. Vanhoozer
2.Triune Discourse: Theological Reflections on the Claim That God Speaks, Part 2
Kevin J. Vanhoozer
3. The Gift of the Father: Looking at Salvation History Upside Down
Edith M. Humphrey

Part Two: Community: The Trinity and Society?
4. God Is Love: The Social Trinity and the Mission of God
John R. Franke
5. The Trinity Is Not Our Social Program: Volf, Gregory of Nyssa and Barth
Mark Husbands
6. Does the Doctrine of the Trinity Hold the Key to a Christian Theology of Religions?
Keith E. Johnson
7. Trinity and Missions: Theological Priority in Missionary Nomenclature
Robert K. Lang'at

Part Three: Worship: Church Practices and the Triune Mission
8. The Sacraments and the Embodiment of Our Trinitarian Faith
Gordon T. Smith
9. Preaching as a Trinitarian Event
Philip W. Butin
10. The Church?s Proclamation as a Participation in God's Mission
Leanne Van Dyk
11. What to Do with Our Renewed Trinitarian Enthusiasm: Forming Trinitarian Piety and Imagination Through Worship and Catechesis
John D. Witvliet

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