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  • Eldership and the Mission of God

    Eldership and the Mission of God

    Equipping Teams for Faithful Church Leadership

    by J.R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt
    Foreword by Alan Hirsch

    The biblical model for church leadership is found not only in pastors but also in teams of elders who oversee, shepherd, teach, equip and guide the community into God's mission. In this practical guide, J.R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt unpack the role, character and posture of a mission-oriented elder.

  • The Advent of the Lamb of God

    The Advent of the Lamb of God

    Retelling the Story Series

    by Russ Ramsey

    Pastor Russ Ramsey narrates anew the greatest story ever told—the true tall tale of the coming of the Christ. The story encompasses the whole of the Old Testament and all of human history, unveiling God's longsuffering, loving pursuit of his people. Rediscover how the purposes of God culminated in the coming of Jesus, in twenty-five readings ideal for Christmas or any season of meeting the Savior.

    Number of Studies: 25

  • The Mission of the Body of Christ

    The Mission of the Body of Christ

    Retelling the Story Series

    by Russ Ramsey

    Russ Ramsey's dynamic narrative traces the journey of the early church with thirty-one daily readings through the book of Acts, as the people of God carried out Jesus' mission as his ambassadors. Through this new community, a movement spread around the world that continues to this day. Come discover the transformation that energized the early church.

    Number of Studies: 31

  • Made to Flourish

    Made to Flourish

    Beyond Quick Fixes to a Thriving Organization

    by Shelley G. Trebesch

    Every organization is made to flourish. But when problems arise, quick fixes and poor leadership training can drag it down. Here is the book that churches, NGOs, mission agencies, other nonprofits, businesses and the teams within these groups can use to enjoy the holistic, fruitful abundance that God intended for organizations and everyone in them.

  • Keeping Place

    Keeping Place

    Reflections on the Meaning of Home

    by Jen Pollock Michel
    Foreword by Scott Sauls

    Home is our most fundamental human longing. Jen Pollock Michel connects that desire with the story of the Bible, revealing a homemaking God with wide arms of welcome—and a church commissioned with this same work. Keeping Place offers hope to the wanderer, help to the stranded, and a new vision of what it means to live today longing for our eternal home.

  • Grace for the Afflicted

    Grace for the Afflicted

    A Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness

    by Matthew S. Stanford

    Why has the church struggled in ministering to those with mental illnesses? As both a church leader and a professor of psychology and behavioral sciences, Matthew S. Stanford has written this thoroughly revised and updated resource to educate Christians about mental illness from both biblical and scientific perspectives.

  • Vintage Saints and Sinners

    Vintage Saints and Sinners

    25 Christians Who Transformed My Faith

    by Karen Wright Marsh
    Foreword by Lauren Winner

    Saints were not simply superstar Christians with otherworldly piety. When we take a closer look at the lives of these spiritual heavyweights, we learn that they're not all that different from you and me. With humor and vulnerability, Karen Marsh introduces us afresh to twenty-five brothers and sisters who challenge and inspire us with their honest faith.

  • You Welcomed Me

    You Welcomed Me

    Loving Refugees and Immigrants Because God First Loved Us

    by Kent Annan

    "Are we for them or against them?" In this wise, practical book on the refugee and immigrant crises around the world, Kent Annan explores how fear and misunderstanding can motivate our responses to people in need. Instead, he invites us into stories of welcome, laying out simple practices for a way forward across social and cultural divides.

  • Just Business

    Just Business

    Christian Ethics for the Marketplace

    by Alec Hill

    In this third edition of a popular business ethics textbook, Alec Hill carefully explores the foundational Christian concepts of holiness, justice, and love, showing how some common responses to business ethics fall short of a fully Christian mindset. Updated throughout, this edition includes a new chapter on international business and uses penetrating case studies to clothe principles in concrete business situations.

  • Killing a Messiah

    Killing a Messiah

    A Novel

    by Adam Winn

    As Passover approaches, the city of Jerusalem is a political tinderbox. When rumors start spreading about the popular prophet Jesus, unexpected alliances emerge between Roman and Jewish leaders. In Killing a Messiah, New Testament scholar Adam Winn weaves together stories of historical and fictional characters in a fresh reimagining of the events leading up to Jesus' execution, shedding new light on our reading of biblical texts.