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  • Invitation to a Journey

    Invitation to a Journey

    A Road Map for Spiritual Formation

    Transforming Resources

    by M. Robert Mulholland Jr.
    Introduction & Study Guide by Ruth Haley Barton

    M. Robert Mulholland Jr. fleshes out a carefully worded definition of spiritual formation that encompasses the dynamics of a vital Christian life and counters our culture's tendency to trivialize, methodize and privatize spirituality. Now revised and expanded by Ruth Haley Barton with a new foreword, practices and study guide.

  • The Journey Toward Wholeness Study Guide

    The Journey Toward Wholeness Study Guide

    by Suzanne Stabile

    Group discussion around Enneagram themes can help us journey toward spiritual and emotional growth together. This six-session companion study guide to Journey Toward Wholeness includes discussion questions, application ideas, and illustrations from people in each number space about how they are learning to bring up their repressed center (doing, thinking, or feeling).

    Number of Studies: 6

  • Invitation to Solitude and Silence

    Invitation to Solitude and Silence

    Experiencing God's Transforming Presence

    Transforming Resources

    by Ruth Haley Barton
    Foreword by Dallas Willard

    Much of our faith and practice is about words—preaching, teaching, talking with others. Yet all of these words are not enough to take us into the real presence of God. This book is an invitation to meet God deeply and fully through solitude and silence. This expanded edition includes a guide for groups to use for both discussion and practice.

  • The Spiritual Journey
    product set

    The Spiritual Journey

    The Spiritual Journey

    by David G. Benner

    These three best-selling books by David G. Benner describe the foundational Christian practice of surrender, how this practice emerges as a response to Perfect Love, and the changes this produces in our identity, will and deepest desires. Together they serve as a manual for walking the spiritual path as God?s heart and mind slowly but truly become our own.

  • The Magnificent Journey

    The Magnificent Journey

    Living Deep in the Kingdom

    Apprentice Resources

    by James Bryan Smith

    There is a road to life in the unshakeable kingdom of God, but it's not an easy journey. In this book James Bryan Smith shows us the better road, the road less travelled, but the road full of riches. Along the way he introduces us to new spiritual practices that will provide the sustenance we need for the deepest, most joy-filled journey of our lives—the journey into the heart of God.

  • Christians who struggle with their mental health often hear conflicting messages about how their spiritual life and conditions like depression and anxiety relate. But according to author Diana Gruver, we can find a middle road where Christian faith and mental health are integrated in healthy ways. Listen in as she begins a life-giving conversation about the role faith can play in our mental health journey.

  • Invitation to Retreat

    Invitation to Retreat

    The Gift and Necessity of Time Away with God

    Transforming Resources

    by Ruth Haley Barton

    When we choose retreat we make a generous investment in our friendship with Christ. Seasoned spiritual director Ruth Haley Barton gently and eloquently leads us into an exploration of retreat as a key practice that opens us to God, guiding us through seven invitations to retreat. You will discover how to say yes to God's winsome invitation to greater freedom and surrender.

  • The Journey

    The Journey

    A Spiritual Roadmap for Modern Pilgrims

    by Peter Kreeft

    Peter Kreeft invites seekers to accompany Socrates on the search for truth. With sharp questions and canny wit he will coach you past the winsome, the wily and the half-wise spin-doctors of error who populate the ancient byways. In classic Kreeftian style, this narrative entertains even as it provides a convincing apologetic.

  • The Deeper Journey

    The Deeper Journey

    The Spirituality of Discovering Your True Self

    Transforming Resources

    by M. Robert Mulholland Jr.
    Foreword by Ruth Haley Barton

    M. Robert Mulholland Jr. exposes false selves you may hide behind and helps you to instead discover the true self that comes from being hidden with Christ in God. Not only will you encounter the joy of discovering your own self, you will also find a greater love for others and compassion for the world. The expanded edition includes a study guide for individual or group use.

  • Journey with Jesus

    Journey with Jesus

    Discovering the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius

    by Larry Warner

    In Journey with Jesus, spiritual director Larry Warner guides us through the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, similar to the way he's been leading people through them in person. Ignatius wanted to help everyone, no matter what age or stage of life, experience Jesus. Through prayers and Scripture readings that largely focus on the life of Christ, the Spiritual Exercises that have been so powerful and growth-inducing for so many, including Warner, can be a tool for transformation in you as well.