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Women Identity

LifeGuideĀ® Bible Studies

by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun and Tracey D. Bianchi

Women Identity
  • Length: 64 pages
  • Number of Studies: 9
  • Published: July 2015
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-3108-1
  • Item Code: 3108
  • Case Quantity: 100

We live only a small fraction of the lives God has for us. Our lives get smaller and smaller, circling around the minute-by-minute disappointments and demands of the present moment while God whispers softly or even hollers for us to harness our whole hearts. Written by experienced spiritual leaders Adele Ahlberg Calhoun and Tracey Bianchi, the nine studies in this guide follow the biblical themes as well as the journeys of women showing the way to embracing God's strength and wisdom to live whole lives.


1. Whole-Hearted Living (Romans 12)
2. Made in God (Genesis 1 2)
3. Using Your Voice (1 Samuel 25)
4. 24/6 Living (Exodus 20:8-11 Genesis 1:1-2:2)
5. Friend of Foe (1 Samuel 1)
6. Call the Midwife (Luke 1:26-56)
7. Wise Women (Exodus 1:6-2:10)
8. Soul Sisters (The Book of Ruth)
9. Justice For All (Genesis 16:1-14 21:8-20)


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