When Women Give: The Adventure of a Generous Life, By Kim King alt

When Women Give

The Adventure of a Generous Life

by Kim King
Foreword by Peter Greer

When Women Give
  • Length: 168 pages
  • Published: July 07, 2017
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 9089
  • ISBN: 9780830890897

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Women are entrepreneurs, highly paid professionals, and leaders in business. Many of us have skills to give. We are marrying later. Many of us have time to give. Women are also likely to manage the family money for a significant portion of their lives. Many of us have money to give.

When Kim King, a former corporate lawyer, began her own giving journey she found herself short on resources that would guide her along the way. She faced many questions:

  • How much do I give?
  • How do I find good organizations that are efficient and effective?
  • What are some of the common methods of giving?
  • How do I find others to join me on this journey?

Most of all, she was eager to root all of her decisions in a biblical framework.

When Women Give is filled with practical advice and stories to foster growth in giving at any and every level. Kim shares openly from her own story, both from her perspective as a donor and from serving on the boards of several Christian nonprofits. If you want to be a wise steward of what you've been given, then this book is for you.

While other writings about philanthropy lay out reasons to give, this book takes an unflinching look at the underlying excuses that we so often make for not giving. The stories in When Women Give fundamentally challenge the ways that we stifle our generosity. Ultimately, When Women Give serves as a call to move beyond our fears—that we don't have enough, that our giving can't make a difference, that by serving others we'll damage ourselves—in order to embark on the great adventure of a generous life.

Peter Greer, from the foreword

"When Women Give clarifies the impact of my role as a professional and paints an very clear picture of the impact of my financial contributions—a picture I could only see before in black and white. The final chapter pierced my heart, leaving it as fertile soil ready to receive God's best, to give my firstfruits and storm my office Monday morning with reckless abandon. I will conquer my market share and live the great adventure! What if women really grabbed ahold of this concept? Imagine the advancement of God's kingdom here on earth."

Brandi McDonald, executive managing director, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

"I was captivated by the stories shared in Kim King's book. As I work with women in the workplace, I'm surprised at the lack of understanding of financial tools available to enable giving in a much bigger way than most imagine. Not only does Kim provide 'giving' guidance, but she shares stories where God truly takes hearts and opens them to never-thought-about possibilities regarding generosity."

Diane Paddison, founder of 4word, author of Work, Love, Pray, former global executive team of two Fortune 500 companies and one Fortune 1000 company

"Inspiration, education, and practical roadmap all in one. As if that weren't enough, the laugh-out-loud moments are pure delight. A helpful read for anyone curious about generosity and the world of nonprofits."

Sandy Swider, leadership coach, managing director of local groups, 4word Women

"Kim King has written an outstanding book on generosity—a topic that is embodied with integrity in her daily life. This is not just a book for women, but one that men and women alike should read. It's compelling, comprehensive, and filled with biblical and practical wisdom. It's well researched and full of personal stories and practical tools. I commend it to you highly."

Jim Herrington, cofounder, Faithwalking

"I first met Kim ten years ago. Her journey of growing generosity has been a great encouragement to me and all those who know her. In her new book, she offers useful insights and practical steps for anyone thinking about questions related to money and giving. I wholeheartedly recommend When Women Give. Kim is another example of the reality that there are no unhappy generous people!"

Todd Harper, president, Generous Giving

"Several things have struck me since I first met Kim King a decade and a half ago: she has a positive and generous spirit, she is a serious follower of Jesus, and she is a passionate and effective teacher. Kim approaches this subject matter with much the same curiosity, openness, and intentionality. She studied financial generosity, opened herself up to the prompting of the Spirit, and then experimented—courageously expanding its hold on her life. With her storytelling and insights, Kim found a way to draw me and others in. This is Kim's big idea in her own words: 'The greater the giving, the greater the adventure, and the greater the adventure, the greater the joy.' As Gary Haugen, founder and director of International Justice Mission says, 'Joy is the fuel for the passion of our obedience.' This could be the subtitle for the book. As a Christian man having grown up in the generation that saw an avalanche of cultural change with women entering the workforce outside the home, I'm fascinated with not only the statistics Kim reports, but the stories that bring these statistics to life. This is must-read for women who want to understand (and be empowered by understanding) gender differences and similarities around giving, generosity, and philanthropy, but also for men who want to nurture these things—and sometimes get out of the way."

John Montgomery, chairman and chief investment officer, Bridgeway Capital Management

"We do not typically think about giving as an adventure, but When Women Give opens our hearts and minds to the joy of living generously. Too often we sit in the pews and hear about giving to meet a church budget or to build a new church facility. We miss the connection of partnering with God to let him direct how he wants us to use his money and resources. When Women Give shares inspiring stories of generous giving but also provides practical information and tools for us to use in joining God on the journey of generosity."

Laurie Rachford, general counsel, ExxonMobil Chemical Company

"I know Kim King personally and can testify that she takes the challenge in 1 Timothy 6:17-19 to live generously seriously. In this timely book, she encourages you to do the same while showing you how. You will not regret applying her sage advice."

Russ Crosson, president and CEO, Ronald Blue & Co.

"When God blesses us with the talent and opportunity that enables us to achieve financial success, we want to honor him. But we need a game plan. This book provides an eye-opening common-sense approach for every woman seeking a life of kingdom giving and living. Whether serving on a board or providing financial support, you will learn much and find yourself well equipped to fulfill God's plan for his kingdom."

Fran McKinney, senior VP, McGriff, Seibels & Williams

"This practical text preaches God's desire for individuals to meet one another's needs and will convince many skeptics of the essential practice of giving big."

Publishers Weekly


Foreword by Peter Greer

Part I: The Invitation to Give
1. The Impact of One Woman
2. What God Has Placed in Women's Hands
3. God's Invitation to Give

Part II: A Map for the Journey
4. Listening to God About Money
5. How Much Do I Give?
6. What Are My Values in Choosing Organizations to Give To?
7. What Is My God-Given Purpose and Passion?
8. Where Can I Find Information on Organizations?
9. How Do I Identify a Good Organization?

Part III: Meeting the Challenges Along the Way
10. Donor Precautions
11. Challenge to Generosity 1: Fear
12. Challenge to Generosity 2: A Desire for More
13. Challenge to Generosity 3: Subconscious Beliefs
14. Creating a Giving Plan

Part IV: Companions on the Journey
15. Giving with Family
16. Giving with Friends
17. Giving with a Twist

Part V: The Adventure of Giving
18. The (Unexpected?) Blessings of Giving
19. The Rest of the Story

Appendix A: Further Reading
Appendix B: Expenses and Gifts Snapshot Tabulation
Appendix C: Charitable and Ministry Activities
Appendix D: Values or Standards
Appendix E


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Kim King

Kim King (JD, University of Alabama) is a member of the leadership team of Women Doing Well Initiatives, Inc., an affiliate of Generous Living, which provides education and tools for women to facilitate generosity. She previously served as an attorney and manager in the law department of Exxon Mobil Corporation for over thirty years, and she continues to privately practice assisting nonprofits and the under-served. Kim has served on the boards of various ministries and organizations, including Hope International, the National Christian Foundation-Houston, and the Women’s Council of InterVarsity. She lives in Houston.