Voices and Views on Paul: Exploring Scholarly Trends, By Ben Witherington III and Jason A. Myers
Voices and Views on Paul
  • Length: 248 pages
  • Dimensions: 6 × 9 in
  • Published: August 11, 2020
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
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  • ISBN: 9780830852314

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In the field of Pauline studies, much has changed over the last twenty years. Since Ben Witherington III first published his influential book The Paul Quest, monumental works have appeared from scholars such as James D. G. Dunn, N. T. Wright, E. P. Sanders, and John Barclay. The New Perspective is no longer new, and the flurry of publications continues across a range of specialized studies. Those interested in exploring trends and issues related to Paul may find themselves in need of a map.

With Voices and Views on Paul, Ben Witherington and Jason Myers have teamed up to provide a reliable guide to the major terrain of Pauline scholarship. Through a distinctive combination of survey and evaluation, they explain and analyze the thought of recent major Pauline interpreters and track developments over the past two decades. They conclude with an assessment of how these studies have advanced our understanding of Paul and where further work is needed.

Voices and Views on Paul offers a helpful service to students, pastors, and anyone seeking to keep up with this dynamic field as scholars continue to wrestle with Paul and his work.

"The scholarly study of the apostle Paul is a jungle of exotic 'perspectives,' but thankfully Ben Witherington and Jason Myers provide something of a Pauline safari tour to help identify and understand the many species of Pauline scholarship. A terrific guide for students who are entering into the confusing world of New Testament studies."

Michael F. Bird, academic dean and lecturer in theology at Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

"The long and short of Voices and Views on Paul is that it is long on description and so provides especially for students a wonderful map of what some major thinkers are saying about the apostle Paul. Witherington and Myers cover big names—K. Stendahl, E. P. Sanders, James D. G. Dunn, N. T. Wright, J. C. Beker, B. Gaventa, J. Barclay, S. Chester—and do so with admirable thoroughness for those needing introduction to their thoughts. As such, this book is long on presenting what is going on in Pauline scholarship. The short is that this is not an extensive evaluation but more like footnotes and commentary. Students reading this book will want to pick up the volumes discussed, and others as well, and delve in for themselves, having been given a worthy map of the terrain."

Scot McKnight, professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary

"To reuse Ben Witherington's own pun in a different context, there has been an appalling amount of Pauline scholarship since he surveyed the landscape in his 1998 IVP book, The Paul Quest. A huge percentage of it has focused on Paul's theology and specifically issues arising out of the 'New Perspective on Paul.' Here Witherington and his younger colleague, Jason Myers, deftly delve more selectively but in more detail into the key viewpoints of the most significant thinkers from E. P. Sanders to today. They prove most helpful guides, offering insightful critique as well as thorough summaries, providing a welcome map for navigating a tricky hedge maze of scholarship!"

Craig L. Blomberg, distinguished professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary

"The academic study of the apostle is a world unto itself—a world in which it would be very easy to get lost without guidance. Witherington and Myers know the terrain well and offer much insight into the major trends, debates, and crosscurrents of the last two decades. Whether you are a new explorer to Pauline studies or a seasoned traveler, Voices and Views on Paul has much to offer in the big picture as well as the finer details."

Nijay K. Gupta, professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary

"Voices and Views on Paul is an invaluable resource for teachers and students of Paul. It feels as if it is a much-needed volume, bringing clarity and insight to the complexities of Pauline scholarship of the last sixty years, and taking the reader through the major developments in thinking in a way that is masterfully comprehensive and succinct at the same time. What is particularly helpful about this volume is that it not only provides excellent summaries of the work of key players and movements, but it also offers generous, insightful, and balanced critique. One is able to hear the voices of Ben Witherington and Jason Myers in a way that is pitched just right in order to give readers a handle on the strengths and weaknesses of different perspectives, while at the same time giving everyone a fair hearing. This is very nicely done. It should be on every reading list."

Lucy Peppiatt, principal, Westminster Theological Centre, UK, author of Rediscovering Scripture's Vision for Women

"Negotiating the nettle of Pauline studies is not for the faint-hearted or feeble-minded. In Voices and Views on Paul, Ben Witherington III and Jason A. Myers succeed in making leading Anglophone scholars and their seminal works on the apostle more accessible and enjoyable. Like its predecessor—the award-winning The Paul Quest—this volume will prove invaluable for those who are seeking a suitable entrée into the fascinating, demanding world that is contemporary Pauline scholarship."

Todd D. Still, Charles J. and Eleanor McLerran DeLancey Dean and William M. Hinson Professor of Christian Scriptures, Truett Seminary of Baylor University


1. Retrospective: The New Perspective on Paul
2. The Sanders Revolution
3. Climbing the Wright Mountain
4. Dunn, with Paul and the Boundary Markers
5. The New Apocalyptic Paul
6. Other Voices, Other Views: Barclay and Chester
7. Conclusions: An Appalling Amount of Paul?
Scripture Index


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Ben Witherington III

Ben Witherington III (PhD, University of Durham) is a prominent evangelical scholar and Jean R. Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. Witherington has written over forty books, including The Jesus Quest and The Paul Quest, both of which were selected as top biblical studies works by Christianity Today. His other works include The Indelible Image, Women and the Genesis of Christianity, The Gospel Code, A Week in the Life of Corinth, and commentaries on the entire New Testament. He also writes for many church and scholarly publications and is a frequent contributor to Patheos and Beliefnet.

Witherington is an elected member of the prestigious Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, a society dedicated to New Testament studies. He is a John Wesley Fellow for Life, a research fellow at Cambridge University, and a member of numerous professional organizations, including the Society of Biblical Literature, Society for the Study of the New Testament, and the Institute for Biblical Research. He previously taught at institutions like Ashland Theological Seminary, Vanderbilt University, Duke Divinity School, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

An ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church and a popular lecturer, Witherington has presented seminars for churches, colleges, and biblical meetings around the world. He has led numerous study tours through the lands of the Bible and is known for bringing the text to life through incisive historical and cultural analysis. Along with many interviews on radio and television networks across the country, Witherington has been seen in programs such as 60 Minutes, 20/20, Dateline, and the Peter Jennings ABC special Jesus and Paul—The Word and the Witness.

Read Witherington's Patheos blog The Bible and Culture.

Jason A. Myers

Jason A. Myers (PhD, Asbury Theological Seminary) is associate professor of biblical studies at Greensboro College where he teaches New Testament and lecturer in New Testament at Westminster Theological Centre.