Two Messiahs: The Jesus of Christianity and the Jesus of Islam, By Jeffrey Jay Morton

Two Messiahs

The Jesus of Christianity and the Jesus of Islam

by Jeffrey Jay Morton

Two Messiahs
  • Length: 163 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.25 in
  • Published: April 06, 2011
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 5777
  • ISBN: 9780830857777

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Muslims love Jesus. When you meet a Muslim, you meet a person who loves Jesus. Muslims will tell you a true Muslim must love Jesus. Jesus is not the sole property of Christians they say--or is he?

This story sets the Jesus of Islam, `Isa ibn am-Maryam (Muhammad's seventh century conception of the first century prophet and Messiah), in direct conversation with the first century, historic Jesus of Nazareth. The reader encounters `Isa and Jesus on a long walk from the little town of Emmaus to Jerusalem, a walk filled with conversation, questions, brief interaction with others, and observations from each man about the other. In the end, it is clear to the reader who Jesus is in both Islam and Christianity.

"A valuable resource for understanding the difference between the Jesus of the Qur?an and the Jesus of the Bible. Using a captivating narration of the two Jesuses on a journey toward Jerusalem and the conversation which ensued between these two individuals, the clear differences between Islam?s and Christianity?s understanding of Jesus are exposed in a manner that is respectful to Islam, honoring to Christ, and scholarly in its substance. Using story to convey important truths from both Islam and Christianity requires an expertise of the subject matter, and Dr. Morton is able to accomplish this well. It is truly a good read. The appendices at the conclusion of the book provide additional ways of exploring the differences, providing even more insight."

David Talley, Biola University

" 'Who do the people say I am?' is a question still part of any discourse and in¬terfaith dialogue between the people of the Book and the followers of Islam. It is a novel approach to let the Messiah of the Book speak for himself with al Masih of the Qur?an for the purpose of bridging the gap and understanding the views held for centuries by the two peoples."

Ashkenaz Asif Khan, Zarephath Bible Institute, Pakistan

"A delightful discussion held by two competing messiahs that results in clarity."

Tom Steffen, Biola University


Chapter 1. Introductions
Chapter 2. For Unto Us a Child Is Born
Chapter 3. One More to Come
Chapter 4. Wine, Women, and Song
Chapter 5. Jots and Tittles
Chapter 6. Boys with Beetles
Chapter 7. Did He or Didn?t He Die?
Chapter 8. A Grievous Penalty
Chapter 9. The Last Hour
Appendix A. Physical Descriptions of Jesus in Islamic Sources
Appendix B. Why Provide Descriptions of Jesus?
Appendix C. A Summary of the Qur?anic Jesus


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Jeffrey Jay Morton

Having lived with and ministered to Muslims since 1984, Jeff Morton is experienced in apologetics and sharing the gospel with Muslims. He first lived among Muslims in West Africa, and now lives in Southern California near one of the largest mosques and Muslim communities on the West Coast. He is a member of SIM, but is seconded to i2 Ministries. He has trained missionaries and university students in the U.S., Brazil, Thailand, and Pakistan. He is married to Debbie, mother of his four adult children.