Thinking About Work, Edited byR. Paul Stevens and Robert Banks alt

Thinking About Work

The Everyday Faith eSeries

Edited by R. Paul Stevens and Robert Banks

Thinking About Work
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  • Published: March 17, 2003
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Is there a Christian way to handle conflict at work?

Does Christianity affect whether or not you join a union?

What does God think of office politics?

Christians often profess that Jesus is Lord over all of life. Yet it isn't always easy to relate Christianity to your day-to-day activities and concerns.

R. Paul Stevens and Robert Banks, editors of The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity on which this Everyday Faith eSeries title is based, believe Christian truth is for the routines and not just the crises of life. From career choices to workplace dress codes, their collection of thirty-three thought-provoking essays helps you to "work" out your faith in practical ways on the job.

Whether you read from beginning to end or dip into the articles that interest you most, you'll gain insight on how Christian faith can guide, illuminate and energize your daily life.


Business Ethics
Conflict Resolution
Office Politics
Organizational Culture and Change
Organization Values
Part-Time Employment
Power in the Workplace
Service in the Workplace
Vocational Guidance
Work Ethic, Protestant
Workplace Conflict
Workplace Discrimination
Workplace Dress Code
Workplace Loyalty
Workplace Stress
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R. Paul Stevens

R. Paul Stevens is professor emeritus of marketplace theology and leadership at Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia, and a marketplace ministry mentor. He has worked as a carpenter and businessman, and served as the pastor of an inner-city church in Montreal. He has written many books and Bible studies, including Doing God's Business, Work Matters, Marriage Spirituality, The Other Six Days, and Spiritual Gifts. He is coauthor (with Pete Hammond and Todd Svanoe) of The Marketplace Annotated Bibliography.

For more on Stevens's work as a marketplace ministry mentor, visit

Robert Banks

Robert J. Banks is senior research and development fellow in the Centre for the History of Christian Thought & Experience at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Formerly he served as executive director of the De Pree Leadership Center and was Homer L. Goddard Professor of the Ministry of the Laity, both at Fuller Theological Seminary. Some of his books include Paul's Idea of Community and Reviewing Leadership, and with his wife he is coauthor of the Bible studies Going to Work with God and The Wonderful World of Narnia. His IVP books include The Tyranny of Time, The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity, and Thoughtful Parenting.