The Trinity, Practically Speaking, By Frank D. Macchia

The Trinity, Practically Speaking

by Frank D. Macchia

The Trinity, Practically Speaking
  • Length: 169 pages
  • Published: November 15, 2010
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 5775
  • ISBN: 9780830857753

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Three Gods, or One, or Three-in-One?

Since the word Trinity does not appear in the Bible, many people wonder whether the doctrine is anything more than an intellectual puzzle created by theologians. This book takes readers on a guided tour of the logic leading to understanding God as a Trinity.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the Bible (and in Christian experience) are all vital to the reality of salvation. All three save. This point may not seem to be very significant until seen in the light of the basic premise of the entire Bible, namely, that only God can save (Hosea 13:4). There are benefits involved in understanding God as a communion of persons, a circle of love. God is no longer viewed as a distant judge removed from the sorrows of earthly existence. Salvation can be seen as more than mere forgiveness of sins. It also involves a life-transforming communion of divine love. A robust understanding of the Trinity fosters a more full and transformed Christian life.


Prologue -- Concerning a Practical Necessity
1. Our Train to West Berlin: The Logic of Faith
2. Preparations: Mapping the Trip
3. Station One: Only God Can Save
4. Station Two: The Son Saves
5. Station Three: The Holy Spirit Saves
6. End Station: God Is a Trinity
7. Touring the Area: The Trinity and Salvation
8. Postcards to the World: Trinitarian Practice

Frank D. Macchia

Frank D. Macchia is Professor of Systematic Theology at Vanguard University of Southern California. He holds the MDiv from Union Theological Seminary (New York) and the DTheol from the University of Basel (Switzerland). He edits Pneuma: The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies (Brill) and has authored Baptized in the Spirit (Zondervan, 2006).