The State of Missiology Today

Global Innovations in Christian Witness

Missiological Engagements

Edited by Charles E. Van Engen

The State of Missiology Today
  • Length: 307 pages
  • Published: September 2016
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Mission is constantly innovating.

As contexts change, so too does the work of the church. Today, in the face of a rapidly changing world and a growing global church, the task of mission must continue to innovate in unexpected ways.

The State of Missiology Today explores the developments and transformations in the study and practice of mission. Looking both backwards—especially over the first half-century of Fuller Theological Seminary's School of Intercultural Studies—and forwards, the contributors to this volume chart the current shape of mission studies and its prospects in the twenty-first century.

This Missiological Engagements volume features contributions by

  • J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu
  • John Azumah
  • Pascal Bazzell
  • Stephen Bevans
  • Jayakumar Christian
  • Pablo A. Deiros
  • Sarita D. Gallagher
  • Anne-Marie Kool
  • Moonjang Lee
  • Wonsuk Ma
  • Gary L. McIntosh
  • Mary Motte, FMM
  • Terry Muck
  • Shawn B. Redford
  • Scott W. Sunquist

"In this volume, scholars and practitioners document and analyze contemporary innovations in Christian mission. The resulting kaleidoscope of approaches demonstrates a global transition from an outdated model of mission to a centered appreciation of diversity. As these writers show, that shift has massive implications. It opens the way for collaboration and further innovation in mission contexts around the world."

Frances S. Adeney, William A. Benfield Professor Emerita of Evangelism and Global Mission, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"This collection of essays captures numerous insightful perspectives on contemporary approaches to the study and practice of Christian mission, and is a worthy testimony to Fuller's powerful ongoing contributions to missiology."

Paul Kollman, University of Notre Dame

"Beginning with several assessments of the pioneering work and contribution of Donald McGavran and his successors at Fuller's SWM/SIS, the contributors to this volume touch critically on historical developments, contemporary issues, and future possibilities for Christian communities who hear the Spirit's enduring invitation to intercultural missional engagement. Practitioners, students, and scholars will find much to ponder, discuss, and act on by attending to these thoughtful voices from around the world."

Thomas John Hastings, executive director, Overseas Ministries Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut

"The State of Missiology Today captures the presentations given on the fiftieth anniversary of Fuller Seminary's School of Intercultural Studies. Both well-known and emerging missiologists from around the world and across ecclesiastical communities met to honor and critique the past and anticipate the future of innovations in global mission. Beginning with Charles Van Engen's introduction, noting ten missiological innovations that have been connected to Fuller, and ending with Scott Sunquist's eight trends in mission to guide us into the future, the chapters in between are loaded with deep insights, relevant perspectives, and practical applications. Bravo! for a great book that will surely become a lasting landmark in missiology."

Darrell Whiteman, missiological anthropologist, former professor, Asbury Theological Seminary


Introduction: Innovating Mission; Retrospect and Prospect in the Field of Missiology (Charles Van Engen)

Part I: The Diffusion of Innovation: Looking Backward to Look Ahead
1. Donald A. McGavran: Life, Influence and Legacy in Mission (Gary L. McIntosh)
2. Innovations in Missiological Hermeneutics (Shawn B. Redford)
3. Seeing with Church-Growth Eyes: The Rise of Indigenous Church Movements in Mission Praxis (Sarita D. Gallagher)
4. A "Fuller" Vision of God?s Mission and Theological Education in the New Context of Global Christianity (Wonsuk Ma)
5. Who Is Our Cornelius? Learning from Fruitful Encounters at the Boundaries of Mission (Pascal D. Bazzell)
6. Rethinking the Nature of Christian Mission: A South Korean Perspective (Moonjang Lee)
7. What Does Rome Have to Do with Pasadena? Connecting Roman Catholic Missiology with SWM/SIS Innovations (Steven Bevans)

Part II: The Implications of Innovation: Back to the Future (Looking Forward)
8. Innovation at the Margins (Jayakumar Christian)
9. Mission Trajectories in the Twenty-First Century: Interfaith Roads Best Traveled (Terry C. Muck)
10. Mission in the Islamic World: Making Theological and Missiological Sense of Muhammad (John A. Azumah)
11. Emergence of New Paths: The Future of Mission in Roman Catholicism (Mary Motte)
12. Revisiting Mission in, to and from Europe Through Contemporary Image Formation (Anne-Marie Kool)
13. Declaring the Wonders of God in Our Own Tongues: Africa, Mission and the Making of World Christianity (J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu)
14. Eschatology and Mission: A Latin American Perspective (Pablo A. Deiros)

Conclusion: A Historian?s Hunches; Eight Future Trends in Mission (Scott W. Sunquist)



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