The Power of Friendship

The Power of Friendship

by Paul Tokunaga

The Power of Friendship
  • Length: 31 pages
  • Published: July 09, 2002
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-87784-047-3
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Paul Tokunaga writes in The Power of Friendship, "God came into my life through a person, a warm and compassionate friend who gently wore down a hard, insecure, insensitive shell until I was ready to understand God's love for me . . . then loved me and loved me and has never stopped loving me."

As Tokunaga describes his decades-long friendship with Gary Fischer, he shows that their relationship was more than an occasion for evangelism. Rather, it has been since their meeting in 1969 a growing, encouraging and challenging relationship that has changed both men in significant ways. In this IVP Booklet, Tokunaga calls you, too, to become a "Gary"--a person used by God to touch and transform the life of another, a friend.


In the Beginning Was Pain
God Was In Gary
Living Room Theology 101
One Sign . . . Pronto
Where Was the Joy?
The Lay-Down-My-Life Trip
That Was Then, This Is Now
You: You're the One

Paul Tokunaga (Master of Christian Studies, New College, Berkeley) is vice president and director of strategic ministries for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. He started with InterVarsity as a student at the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and has also worked with 2100 Productions and as Southeast Regional Director.

BY Paul Tokunaga

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