The Path of Faith: A Biblical Theology of Covenant and Law, By Brandon D. Crowe alt

The Path of Faith

A Biblical Theology of Covenant and Law

Essential Studies in Biblical Theology

by Brandon D. Crowe
Series edited by Benjamin L. Gladd

The Path of Faith
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  • Published: March 02, 2021
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Biblical Foundations Book Awards Finalist

The closely related biblical themes of covenant and law have often been debated. Yet they are among the most important topics in Scripture—theologically and practically. They address how God graciously relates to us and how we ought to live on a daily basis.

In this ESBT volume, Brandon Crowe builds on previous books in the series as he considers covenant and law throughout both Old and New Testaments. The Path of Faith lays out key principles such as the obligation of people to obey their Creator, how Jesus' perfect obedience to God's law opens the way to eternal life, and what the law means for us today as we continue walking by faith.

The Path of Faith reveals the unity of the biblical witness and the consistent call for God's people to show him covenant loyalty, all while recognizing the unique saving work of Christ on our behalf.

Essential Studies in Biblical Theology (ESBT), edited by Benjamin L. Gladd, explore the central or "essential" themes of the Bible's grand storyline. Taking cues from Genesis 1-3, authors explore the presence of these themes throughout the entire sweep of redemption history. Written for students, church leaders, and laypeople, the ESBT offers an introduction to biblical theology.

"Looking for a primer on covenant theology that is grounded in biblical theology? This is your book. Crowe faithfully guides you from creation to the new creation through the nexus of God's covenant and human obedience."

Andrew T. Abernethy, associate professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College

"In The Path of Faith, Dr. Crowe clearly presents the various ways the law functions in redemptive history. He places the law in the context of the overarching covenantal structure of Scripture and shows how the requirement to perfectly keep the law of God continues today even after the failure of Adam, a requirement that is foundational to the gospel and fulfilled in Christ. This work also shows how the law functions in each of the Old Testament covenants, being fulfilled in the New Covenant, but also relevant for us today to experience the blessed life in God's kingdom. I highly recommend this book as a helpful guide to answer fundamental questions about the relationship between covenant, law, faith, and obedience."

Richard P. Belcher Jr., Gwin Professor of Old Testament and academic dean at Reformed Theological Seminary

"Dr. Crowe has written an accessible and insightful book, offering his view of some of the complex biblical and theological issues of the Christian's relationship to covenant, law, obedience, and life. Readers will not agree with everything in this book, yet Crowe's pastoral, biblical, and theological arguments can help Christians better understand 'the path of faith' for those in Christ. Dr. Crowe argues with force and clarity that those in Christ must obey God."

Jarvis J. Williams, associate professor of New Testament interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Much thanks to Dr. Crowe for giving us a penetrating and practical exploration of faith, covenant, and law as they develop throughout the Scriptures. His attention to every major portion of biblical history will help all followers of Christ discern how their Christian faith is inextricably rooted in the entire Bible."

Richard L. Pratt Jr., president, Third Millennium Ministries



1. The Beginning: Adam and Noah
2. The Family: Abraham and His Children
3. The Exodus: Moses and Israel
4. The Kingdom: David and His Dynasty
5. The Prophets: Remind, Reprove, Renew
6. The Messiah and His Work Accomplished: The Gospels
7. The Teaching of Jesus: The Law Fulfilled and Abiding
8. The Messiah and His Work Explained: Acts and Paul's Letters
9. The New Covenant in Practice: Hebrews Through Jude
10. The Consummation: The Book of Revelation
Conclusion: Grace upon Grace

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Brandon D. Crowe (PhD, Edinburgh) is professor of New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary and book review editor for the Westminster Theological Journal. He is the author of The Message of the General Epistles in the History of Redemption: Wisdom from James, Peter, John, and Jude.

Benjamin L. Gladd

Benjamin L. Gladd (PhD, Wheaton) is associate professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary and series editor for Essential Studies in Biblical Theology. His publications include Hidden But Now Revealed, Making All Things New, and From Adam and Israel to the Church.