The Message of Leviticus alt

The Message of Leviticus

Free to Be Holy

The Bible Speaks Today Series

by Derek Tidball

The Message of Leviticus
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  • Published: March 11, 2016
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For most Christians today, there is no message of Leviticus, for Leviticus goes unread. Yet Leviticus was the first priority in Jewish instruction of the law of Moses. Jesus and his hearers knew Leviticus well and took its teachings to heart.

The documentary hypothesis that reigned supreme over Pentateuchal studies for most of the twentieth century undercut the internal coherence of Leviticus that swayed the Jews of the New Testament period, speculating that rather than originating with Moses, Leviticus was the nostalgic revisionist history of Judaic reformers in exile. But more recently, such theories have fallen from favor, and Leviticus is being reconsidered for its historical representation of the ancient and foundational era of the Jews.

Derek Tidball explores the picture in Leviticus of Israel being brought together under the law of Moses. Here is a definitive presentation of what life as the people of God was to be like: the civic, cultic, religious, moral, legal, family and ritual expectations of the covenant community. In accessible prose, Tidball reveals the message brought to the Jews by Leviticus in their day, making room for us to grasp its message to us in our day.


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Part 1: The Manual of Sacrifice: Enjoying God's Presence (1:1--7:38)
1. Consecration to God: The Burnt Offering (1:1-17)
2. A Gift for God: The Grain Offering (2:1-16)
3. Fellowship with God: The Peace Offering (3:1-17)
4. Forgiveness from God: The Sin Offering (4:1--5:13)
5. Amendment Before God: The Guilt Offering (5:14--6:7)
6. Instructed by God: The Priests' Responsibilities (6:8--7:38)

Part 2: The Manual of Priesthood: Entering God's Service (8:1--10:20)
7. Anointed for Service (8:1-36)
8. The Glory of the Lord Appeared (9:1-24)
9. Fire from the Lord (10:1-20)

Part 3: The Manual of Purity: Encountering God's Design (11:1--15:33)
10. Purity and the Diet (11:1-47)
11. Purity and the Body (12:1-8; 15:1-33)
12. Purity and Disease (13:1--14:57)

Part 4: The Manual of Atonement: Ensuring God's Forgiveness (16:1-34)
13. For All the Sins of Israel (16:1-34)

Page 5: The Manual of Holiness: Enacting God's Word (17:1--26:46)
14. God's Word About Life Blood (17:1-16)
15. God's Word About Family Health (18:1-30)
16. God's Word About Society's Welfare (19:1-37)
17. God's Word About the Penal Code (20:1-27)
18. God's Word About Spiritual Leadership (21:1--22:33)
19. God's Word About Times of Celebration (23:1-44)
20. God's Word About Safeguarding the Sacred (24:1-23)
21. God's Word About Radical Economics (25:1-55)
22. God's Word About Future Prosperity (26:1-46)

Page 6: The Manual of Dedication: Enamoured of God's Grace (27:1--34)
23. God's Word About Consecration (27:1-34)

Derek Tidball

Derek Tidball is visiting scholar at Spurgeon's College, London. Previously he served as principal of the London School of Theology where he lectured in pastoral theology. His books include The Reality of Christ: The Message of Colossians for Today, Skillful Shepherds: Explorations in Pastoral Theology, and commentaries in the Bible Speaks Today Series. In addition, he is series editor for the Bible Speaks Today Bible Themes Series.