The Message of Joel, Micah & Habakkuk
The Message of Joel, Micah & Habakkuk
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  • Published: January 15, 1999
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Where is God in times of disaster? How can God allow suffering? What are God's people to do about moral decay in society? While people throughout the ages have long pondered these questions, three of the minor prophets--Joel, Micah and Habakkuk--provide insights to these perennial problems.

The people of Joel's day were devastated by a locust plague, which Joel said warned of the coming Day of the Lord. Micah rebuked a culture of corruption and moral evil. Habakkuk cried out to the Lord on account of a society bent on violence. All three point to a transcendent God who gives hope in times of uncertainty.

David Prior's passage-by-passage exposition of these three books provides careful study and measured insight and application for today's church.


General preface

Author's preface

Chief abbreviations


1. Cry to God - 1:1-20
2. Return to God - 2:1-17
3. Rejoice in God - 2:18-32
4. Fear God - 3:1-21

Preface - 1:1
The first cycle: Pervasive evil and a promised king - 1:2-2:13
1. Micah's message to the world - 1:2-16
2. The preacher for this people - 2:1-13
The second cycle: Ungodly leadership and God's promised leader - 3:1-5:15
3. Micah's message to the leadership of the nation - 3:1-12
4. Micah's message of a future beyond the ruin of Jerusalem - 4:1-5:15
The thrid cycle: A time of disintegration and desolation - 6:1-7:20
5. A message of gloom and doom - 6:1-7:7
6. A message of light and love - 7:8-20

1. Dialogue with God - 1:1-17
2. A double vision - 2: 1-20
3. Habakkuk's prayer - 3:1-19


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David Prior has pastored churches in Cape Town, South Africa, and Oxford, England, and has served as director of The Centre for Marketplace Theology in London.