The Joy of Listening to God, By Joyce Huggett

The Joy of Listening to God

by Joyce Huggett

The Joy of Listening to God
  • Length: 240 pages
  • Published: January 30, 1987
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: 0729
  • ISBN: 9780877847298

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For many, prayer is a time to pour out our concerns to God. But are we so busy talking that we fail to listen to all the riches he has for us?

Joyce Huggett was an ordinary Christian who told God her problems and desires. But then there was a change. Slowly she began to discover that God revealed himself to her when she was quiet before him. A whole new dimension of prayer opened up as she explored channels of hearing God that she had never known before. And in this book she shares her spiritual pilgrimage with us.

Always practical, always biblical, Joyce Huggett shows us how we can quiet ourselves and prepare to hear God speak in his multicolored ways. Here is a book for those who want to be introduced to a fresh way of invigorating their walk with God.


1. Learning to Listen
2. Turning in to God
3. A Taste of Silence
4. Called to Contemplate
5. Preparing to Contemplate
6. Continuing to Contemplate
7. Back to the Bible
8. Commanded to Listen
9. How God Speaks: Visions and Dreams
10. How God Speaks: Voices and Angels
11. How God Speaks: Through Nature and the Imagination
12. How God Speaks: Tongues, Prophecy, Words of Wisdom and Knowledge
13. Many Mistakes
14. The Bible: The Touchstone of Listening
15. Tempted to Give Up
16. Some Helps along the Way
17. More Helps along the Way
18. Another Piece of Scaffolding: The Listening Group
19. Some Results of Listening to God
20. Pray as You Can


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