The Journey Toward Wholeness

The Journey Toward Wholeness

Enneagram Wisdom for Stress, Balance, and Transformation

by Suzanne Stabile

The Journey Toward Wholeness
  • Length: 252 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.5 in
  • Published: November 02, 2021
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  • ISBN: 978-1-5140-0116-5
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In everything from health care and politics to technology and economics, we are experiencing feelings of loss, anger, and anxiety. In the Enneagram's wisdom, our number determines how we respond. We automatically move to another number when we're feeling stress and to yet another when we're feeling secure. Such moves may help us feel better temporarily but don't last.

In this book for those who want to dive deeper into Enneagram wisdom, expert teacher Suzanne Stabile opens the concept of three centers of intelligence: thinking, feeling, and doing. When we learn to manage these centers, each for its intended purpose, we open a path to reducing fear, improving relationships, growing spiritually, and finding wholeness. Drawing on the dynamic stability of the Enneagram, she explains each number's preferred and repressed center of intelligence and its role in helping us move toward internal balance. Using brief focused chapters, this book provides what we need to deal with the constant change and complexity of our world to achieve lasting transformation in our lives.


Introduction: Toward a Balanced Life

Part One: Triads: Naming and Managing Your Dominant Center of Intelligence
Overview: How We Are Broken . . . and How We Can Be Healed
What Do I Feel? The Heart Triad's Responses to Stress
Twos: I Can Say No
Threes: I Can Allow Feelings
Fours: My Feelings . . . and Yours
What Do I Think? The Head Triad's Responses to Stress
Fives: Finding Comfort in the World
Sixes: Trusting My Experience and Myself
Sevens: I Can Choose to Be Satisfied
What Needs to Be Done? The Gut Triad's Responses to Stress
Eights: I Can Slow Down
Nines: Decide More, Merge Less
Ones: Two Things Can Be True

Part Two: Stances: Naming and Managing Your Repressed Center of Intelligence
Overview: The Soul Work of the Repressed Center
The Withdrawing Stance: Moving Away from Others
Fours: Choose the Ordinary
Fives: Be Present to the World
Nines: Make a Choice—You Can Change Your Mind
The Aggressive Stance: Standing Independently
Threes: I Am More Than What I Do
Sevens: All Feelings Matter
Eights: Vulnerability Is Not Weakness
The Dependent Stance: Moving Toward Others
Ones: "And It Was Good"
Twos: What Do I Need?
Sixes: All Shall Be Well

Conclusion: What Are You Willing to Give Up for Transformation?

Suzanne Stabile

Suzanne Stabile is a highly sought-after speaker, teacher, and internationally recognized Enneagram master teacher who has taught thousands of people over the last thirty years. She is the author of The Path Between Us, and coauthor, with Ian Morgan Cron, of The Road Back to You. She is also the creator and host of The Enneagram Journey podcast. Along with her husband, Rev. Joseph Stabile, she is cofounder of Life in the Trinity Ministry, a nonprofit, nondenominational ministry committed to the spiritual growth and formation of adults. Their ministry home, the Micah Center, is located in Dallas, Texas.