The Journey of Ministry: Insights from a Life of Practice, By Eddie Gibbs

The Journey of Ministry

Insights from a Life of Practice

by Eddie Gibbs
Foreword by Richard J. Mouw

The Journey of Ministry
  • Length: 182 pages
  • Published: July 24, 2012
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 3791
  • ISBN: 9780830837915

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These days, everybody wants the latest killer app for successful ministry. But ministry is not plug-and-play technology. It is an art cultivated over a long-term journey of faithfulness and perseverance.

In his most intimate book yet, Eddie Gibbs articulates a personal philosophy of ministry born from his storied career in teaching and pastoral ministry. Through images from his own life and family, Gibbs shows how effective ministry is a matter of walking slowly with the family of God, overcoming hurdles and facing challenges together. He explains how the early church offers helpful networking models for connecting in a fragmented technological age. Linking fresh biblical exposition with our contemporary realities, Gibbs gives practical advice for welcoming people into the family and helping them live out God's intentions for them.

If you want your ministry to last, learn from those who have gone the distance. Discover here insights that will help you lead and serve for the long haul.

"Sage advice, sound teaching, fascinating stories--such jewels you will find in Eddie Gibbs's new book, The Journey of Ministry, where he shares a lifetime of insight and experience. I had the privilege of sitting under his instruction at Fuller Theological Seminary; he is a master teacher. You may not agree with every conclusion he has reached over 50 years of ministry (and he has come with some amazing insights)--but you will be challenged, instructed and inspired by his life, ministry and vision for the kingdom. I know I was."

Jim Belcher, author of Deep Church

"Eddie Gibbs has not only been a gift to the church for as long as I can remember but someone who has been hugely influential in my life and ministry. The beauty of Eddie's life is that he has always been a practitioner and a scholar, refusing to let the hallowed halls of academia change, in any way, the calling of his life as a disciple of Jesus. This poignant book of Eddie's reflections will illuminate what life can be like if you follow Jesus over the course of your life with steadfastness, vigor and adventure. I can't recommend it highly enough."

Mike Breen, founder and global team leader, 3DM

"Pay attention to this book! Eddie Gibbs is weaving gold from the many threads of his life."

David Hansen, Kenwood Baptist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, author of The Art of Pastoring

"Eddie Gibbs, a cherished mentor to me and thousands of others, is a national treasure in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Now I want to say more: the godly wisdom communicated in The Journey of Ministry deserves a global hearing."

Bishop Todd Hunter, founder, Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO), author, Christianity Beyond Belief

"From the air raid sirens of WWII in England through the era of iPad and droid enthusiasm, Eddie Gibbs, the mechanic's son, who never had a library in his home as a youngster, shares his unique perspective on life's journey and lessons learned on both sides of the pond. From the time Eddie and I first met in 1982-1983 in preparation for the Mission England efforts throughout the United Kingdom, I have been learning from him. His insights are refreshing. This book is no different, as Eddie guides us through life committed to Christ, its struggles, hurdles, joys and growth. GibbsNext would have been a great title for this book, for Eddie has become a guru for all who know and appreciate that perspective of ministry in culture as well as practical and theological development."

Tom Phillips, vice president of crusades, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

"Eddie is one of the few elder statesmen around in missional church circles. I am personally always thankful for Eddie and deeply value everything he has to say. In this reflective book, the sage offers sagely advice on issues ranging from ministry, spirituality, character and of course . . . mission. A worthy read."

Alan Hirsch, author, activist, dreamer (

"Eddie Gibbs loves the church, and his heart aches when it falls short. With humility and humor, Eddie shares challenging words in this book, words that can only emerge out of a lifetime of service with those who are on the forefront of ministry so that the church might advance. "Read this book slowly. It is full of wisdom from a seasoned pastor, missionary and professor who through the experiences of his life and his family reminds church leaders what is most essential for fruitful ministry. These are words to read and then to incorporate into our lives."

Dr. Kurt Fredrickson, associate dean for Doctor of Ministry and Continuing Education, assistant professor of pastoral ministry, Fuller Theological Seminary

"The book is easy to read and at times helpfully suggestive. The most appealing quality is the gentle humility that marks his approach. One feels that a godly older man, who has more than kept up with the times, is chatting humbly with you about some of the things he learned along the way. It makes for a pleasant and valuable conversation."

Vox Reformata, 2013

"Gibbs covers an astounding array of topics with warmth, humility, and honesty."

Kyle Rohane, Leadership Journal, Winter 2013


Foreword by Richard Mouw
Introduction: Including: We Each Have a Place in the Family
1. Walking: A Lifelong Journey in a Different Direction
2. Hurdling: Naming and Overcoming Obstacles to Progress
3. Dying: A Fruitful Way to Live
4. Teambuilding: Walking and Working Alongside Others
5. Networking: Expanding Our Horizons in a Shrinking World
6. Communicating: Creative Engagement in Every Area of Life
7. Recollecting: Staying Open to God's Unexpected Plans


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Eddie Gibbs

Eddie Gibbs is senior professor in the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, and a senior adviser to the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology and the Arts. His seminars for church leaders about leadership in the emerging church have been held in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Australia, South Africa, and around the United States. Gibbs has also written several books, including Good News Is for Sharing, Ten Growing Churches, In Name Only, ChurchNext, LeadershipNext, and (with Ryan Bolger) Emerging Churches.