The Jesus Paul Knew, By James W. Reapsome alt
The Jesus Paul Knew
  • Length: 64 pages
  • Published: April 17, 2018
  • Item Code: 6324
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-6324-2

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“For to me, to live is Christ,” (Philippians 1:21).

Many of us may have thought more about Paul's foundational theology than about how Paul learned more about Jesus and what it meant to obey him in the everyday tests of his faith. This ten-session LifeGuide® Bible Study guide leads us through the growth in the apostle Paul's knowledge of Jesus and how it changed his life, when at pivotal points he intersected with Jesus.

For over three decades LifeGuide Bible Studies have provided solid biblical content and raised thought-provoking questions—making for a one-of-a-kind Bible study experience for individuals and groups. This series has more than 130 titles on Old and New Testament books, character studies, and topical studies.


Getting the Most Out of The Jesus Paul Knew
1. Source of Grace (1 Timothy 1:1-2, 12-17)
2. Visionary Leader (Acts 26)
3. Comfort in Dark Times (Philippians 1:12-26)
4. The Peacemaker (2 Corinthians 5:11-21)
5. Demanding Everything (Philippians 3:1-14)
6. Lover and Protector (Romans 8:31-39)
7. Choosing the Cross (1 Corinthians 1:18-31; 2:1-5)
8. Giver of Strength and Contentment (Philippians 4:10-20)
9. Jesus or Nothing (Galatians 1:1-9; 2:20-21)
10. Inspirer of Praise (Ephesians 1:3-14)
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James W. Reapsome

James W. Reapsome (d. 2017) was a pastor and served as editor of Evangelical Missions Quarterly and the World Pulse newsletter. He was the coeditor of Innovation in Mission and the author or coauthor of LifeGuide studies such as Exodus, Hebrews, Grief, Marriage, and Songs from Scripture.