: Tough Questions, Direct Answers, By Dale Hanson Bourke

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Tough Questions, Direct Answers

by Dale Hanson Bourke

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • Length: 144 pages
  • Published: March 27, 2013
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 3763
  • ISBN: 9780830837632

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With all of the heat surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, even the most basic facts can be hard to grasp. How do we make sense of what we read in the Bible—and what we read in the news?

In this Skeptic?s Guide?, Dale Hanson Bourke sheds light on the places, terms, history, and current issues shaping this important region. Offering an even-handed presentation of a range of views on the most controversial issues, she provides a framework for American Christians to use in understanding why the conflict occurred, why it continues—and what remains to be done.

With maps, charts, photos, and quotes, the guide answers such tough questions as:

  • What is meant by a two-state solution?
  • Who are the Palestinian Christians?
  • Do other countries help or hurt the peace process?
  • How does the Arab spring affect the conflict?

Easy to read and understand, this dynamic guide offers the type of presentation that has made the Skeptic?s Guide? series so popular with individuals and groups. Offering basic information and simplifying complex issues, it is a helpful reference tool for beginners and experts alike.

"When someone asks me what they should read to understand what's going on in Israel, I point them immediately and unreservedly to The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict."

Mark Galli, editor, Christianity Today

"Some books are just necessary. This is one of them. When it comes to the conflicts in the Middle East, it is too easy to rush to judgment and opinions without understanding. Slowly, inexorably and beautifully, Dale Hanson Bourke untangles the jumbled mess and separates fact from fiction. What's even more beautiful is that she leaves the conclusions to you--a rare gift indeed."

Nancy Ortberg, author of Looking for God

"News about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict often feels overwhelming because every story seems to have an agenda. Here is that rare resource that helps the curious and fair-minded individual sift through all the noise to encounter and understand people and perspectives on both sides. Those who support freedom, dignity and security for Israelis and Palestinians alike should read this book and share it widely."

Todd Deatherage, former special assistant, U.S. Department of State

"Dale Hanson Bourke's Skeptic's Guide for The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict honors the histories, suffering and religious convictions of Israelis and Palestinians. All of them. Bourke entreats her readers to side only with peace and to become educated about the people, places and complexities of the region. Up-to-date, empathic and meticulously researched, this book serves as a much-needed guide for any of us who find the issues around the conflict confounding. Highly recommended!"

Jennifer Grant, author of Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter

"As evangelical interest in Israel/Palestine grows, and grows more urgent, we need better information. This book could become the indispensable starting point for those who begin this journey. Strongly recommended."

Dr. David P. Gushee, distinguished university professor of Christian ethics and director of the Center for Theology and Public Life, Mercer University

"The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the flashpoint issue that divides our world in the twenty-first century. Most people have taken sides without really knowing what they don't know. By clearly and simply laying out the history and the facts of the conflict, Dale Hanson Bourke has done much to further the cause of peace. Read her book and you will see this issue with new eyes."

Rich Stearns, president of World Vision US and author of The Hole in Our Gospel

"This has got to be the best, most concise, simplest-to-understand book I've ever seen in my life on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yes, you could write volumes, and there are many things those who are there would say should be in. But most people are not reading those long books and essays. This is the best primer and clearest articulation I've seen on the conflict and that part of the world. This will be required reading for everyone going to the Holy Land that I'm involved with."

Bob Roberts Jr., pastor of Northwood Church, and author of Bold as Love

"News about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict often seems to have an agenda. This book helps sift through all the noise to encounter and understand people and perspectives on both sides."

Relevant Magazine, March/April 2014

"I welcome this book as it fills a needed gap and paves the way for reconsidering the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in a fresh light. It is based not only on scholarly research but also on meeting and interacting with people who hold conflicting convictions. It does not seek to marginalize or demonize any views but instead patiently and courageously listens. Then it presents complex questions in simple--but not simplistic--ways. The questions are crucial and the answers accessible. Further, the author's humility, commitment to listen, and insistence on modeling peace and openness transforms her book from an informative discourse into a transformative encounter."

Rev. Yohanna Katanacho, PRISM newsletter (From www.evangelicalsforsocialaction.org), November 2013

"The author has accomplished a difficult, important feat simply by providing a working vocabulary to help people understand what is at stake to both parties. It is a simple (accessible) but never simplistic (naïve) guide that is quite valuable for congregations seeking to have a good conversation."

Roy W. Howard, Presbyterian Outlook, June 24, 2013

"This will be a great tool for all who want to engage in the Holy Land. It will be required reading for everyone that Kensington sends to the region."

Don Andersen, Director of Global Partnerships, Kensington Church


1. Who, What, Where
2. In the Beginning . . .
3. Inside Israel
4. Governments and Politics
5. In Search of a State
6. The Other Players
7. The Issues


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Dale Hanson Bourke

Dale Hanson Bourke is president of PDI, a marketing and communications strategy firm. The author of ten books and numerous magazine articles, she often speaks and writes on international development and women's issues. Previously president of the CIDRZ Foundation and SVP at World Relief, Bourke has also served as publisher of Religion News Service and editor of Today's Christian Woman, and was a nationally syndicated columnist. Dale holds an MBA from the University of Maryland and has served on the boards of World Vision US, World Vision International, International Justice Mission, Sojourners, ECFA and Opportunity International. She currently serves on the board of MAP International and the Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty (CIFA).