The Hopeful Neighborhood

The Hopeful Neighborhood

What Happens When Christians Pursue the Common Good

by Don Everts
Foreword by David Kinnaman

The Hopeful Neighborhood
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Published: November 03, 2020
  •  Forthcoming
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-4803-4
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Are you tired of hearing people dismiss the church as an irrelevant relic? (Do you secretly wonder if they are right?) Don Everts explores an exciting reality that is revealed in Scripture, shown throughout history, and confirmed in the latest research: when Christians pursue the common good of the neighborhood, the world stands up and notices. It turns out this is exactly what we're called to do. When Christians make good things, we bring blessings and hope to our local community.

With original research from the Barna Group and Lutheran Hour Ministries on how Christians relate to our neighborhoods, this book is filled with constructive, practical ways that Christians and churches bless those around us. As Christians join together for the common good, we bring hope to the world, credibility to the church, and glory to God.

"This book does such a beautiful job of preparing us for life on mission with Jesus in the place where we live and with the people who live near us, in our neighborhoods. And my friend Don shares so much of his own journey—he's lived in thirty neighborhoods! And he lovingly, carefully, persuasively guides us through the barriers to engaging and loving our neighbors as Christ calls. I hope you gain as much from the journey as I have."

from the foreword by David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group

"What if you live where you live not because you got a good deal to purchase or rent but rather because God has intentionally placed you there to seek its common good? The Hopeful Neighborhood weaves together engaging stories, biblical insight, historical context, relevant research, and practical steps to help the reader participate in what God seeks to do in their community. Read and put this book into practice, and we will see the kingdom come in our neighborhoods as it is in heaven."

Dana Allin, synod executive, ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians


Introduction: Living Above Place
1. Pursue the Common Good
2. Use Every Gift
3. Love Everyone Always
4. Give God Glory
5. Join the Revolution
Conclusion: This Little Patch of Ground
Appendix 1: Research Partners
Appendix 2: Research Methodology
Appendix 3: Definitions

Don Everts

Don Everts is reluctant to call himself an evangelist, but for decades he has found himself talking about Jesus with all sorts of skeptical and curious people. He is a writer for Lutheran Hour Ministries and teaching pastor at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri. He has also been a speaker and trainer for Alpha and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. His many books include Jesus with Dirty Feet, I Once Was Lost, The Reluctant Witness, and The Spiritually Vibrant Home.

He and his wife, Wendy, live in a neighborhood founded over two hundred years ago that now has two public schools, four churches, one mosque, one Hindu temple, and both a Costco and a Walmart. 

BY Don Everts