The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in Love with the God Jesus Knows, By James Bryan Smith
The Good and Beautiful God
  • Length: 232 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.25 in
  • Published: June 05, 2009
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: 3531
  • ISBN: 9780830835317

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Train Your Soul to Know the God Jesus Knows

"God wants me to try harder."
"God blesses me when I'm good and punishes me when I'm bad."
"God is angry with me."

We all have ideas that we tell ourselves about God and how he works in our lives. Some are true—but many are false. James Bryan Smith believes those thoughts determine not only who we are, but how we live. In fact, Smith declares, the most important thing about a person is what they think about God. The path to spiritual transformation begins here.

Turning to the Gospels, Smith invites you to put your ideas to the test to see if they match up with what Jesus himself reveals about God. Once you've discovered the truth in Scripture, Smith leads you through a process of spiritual formation that includes specific activities aimed at making these new narratives real in your body and soul as well as your mind. In The Good and Beautiful God, you'll find:

  • Opportunities for soul training at the end of each chapter
  • Spiritual practices that reinforce the biblical messages you learn on your mind and heart,
  • Small group discussion questions with each chapter, facilitating complete and lasting change through community learning, and much more!

This deep, loving and transformative book will help you discover the narratives that Jesus lived by—to know the Lord he knew and the kingdom he proclaimed—and to practice spiritual exercises that will help you grow in the knowledge of our good and beautiful God.

The Good and Beautiful Series includes four essential discipleship books from James Bryan Smith. Work through these proven Bible study resources individually or with a group to learn who God is, what it means to be a Christian, how to live in community, and how to address toxic self-narratives that hinder spiritual growth.

"This first book in The Apprentice Series, The Good and Beautiful God, is a treasure. Dr. Smith has thought long and hard about the process of human transformation into the likeness of Jesus. I urge you to buy this book immediately! Read it and apply it. Then live it out in the context of a loving community. You will not regret doing so."

Richard J. Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline and coauthor of Longing for God

"I know from our long relationship that Jim Smith is a fine and trustworthy man, who authentically knows 'the good and beautiful God.' I can think of no higher compliment than this: I would happily trust the care of my soul to Jim and the good and beautiful God he commends to us."

Todd Hunter, author of Christianity Beyond Belief and pastor of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Costa Mesa

"The Apprentice Series is the best practice I have seen in Christian spiritual formation."

Dallas Willard, author of The Divine Conspiracy

"I have observed that every individual, whether a new beliver or seasoned veteran, has given testimony of a new joy in their journey as a result of this book. The content is sound, inspiring and enlightening."

Jerry Barker, Dallas Baptist Standard, March 14, 2011

Other authors have written extensively on spiritual disciplines and the spiritual life, but few have created a curriculum that is as accessible to the common believer seeking spiritual growth. I exuberantly recommend this book to anyone interested in a practical model of spiritual growth.

Steve Gioielli, Journal of Spiritual Formation Soul Care, Fall 2009

"I predict this book, and the two more in the series, will become deeply influential books in evangelical churches that want to deepen spiritual formation."

Scot McKnight, Jesus Creed blog, July 15, 2009

"If you're looking for books to help patrons rekindle or enhance their relationships with God, buy this one. Highly recommended for small groups interested in deepening their relationships with God."

Church Libraries, Fall 2009

"Make spiritual mentors, group leaders, youth pastors, Christian educators, and Willard/Foster fans aware of this material."

David Mundt, CBA Retailers + Resources, July 2009

"Smith challenges those who seek to follow God to examine the stories they already know. . . . [Includes] exercises and questions . . . to deepen their knowledge of God."

Publishers Weekly, May 22, 2009


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How to Get the Most Out of This Book
1. What Are You Seeking?
Soul Training: Sleep
2. God is Good
Soul Training:Silence and Awareness of Creation
3. God is Trustworthy
Soul Training: Counting Your Blessings
4. God is Generous
Soul Training: Praying Psalm 23
5. God is Love
Soul Training: Lectio Divina
6. God is Holy
Soul Training: Margin
7. God is Self-Sacrificing
Soul Training; Reading the Gospel of John
8. God Transforms
Soul Training: Solitude
9. How to Make a Pickle
Soul Training: Slowing Down
Appendix: Small Group Discussion Guide


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James Bryan Smith

James Bryan Smith is the author of The Good and Beautiful Series. He is a theology professor at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, where he also serves as the director of the Apprentice Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation. A founding member of Richard J. Foster's spiritual renewal ministry, Renovaré, Smith is an ordained United Methodist Church minister and has served in various capacities in local churches.