The Glory of the Atonement: Biblical, Theological  Practical Perspectives, Edited by Charles E. Hill and Frank A. James III

The Glory of the Atonement

Biblical, Theological Practical Perspectives

Edited by Charles E. Hill and Frank A. James III

The Glory of the Atonement
  • Length: 495 pages
  • Published: March 30, 2004
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
  • Item Code: 2689
  • ISBN: 9780830826896

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The atonement is the crown jewel of Christian doctrine. And it is the responsibility of each generation of theologians to preserve its heritage, explore its facets and allow its radiance to illumine their day. With The Glory of the Atonement editors Charles E. Hill and Frank A. James III, along with a group of expert contributors, attempt to fulfill this trust at the dawn of a new millennium.

The Glory of the Atonement is divided into three parts--biblical, historical and practical--with each section introduced by an overview essay. In part one evangelical biblical scholars explore the atonement within the contours of Scripture, looking first at the atonement in the Pentateuch, Psalm 51 and Isaiah 53, and then more closely at the major texts of the New Testament.

In part two historical and systematic theologians weigh the atonement in the ancient, medieval and Reformation traditions. The primary perspective of the contributors is the Reformed tradition, which is further represented by essays on John Calvin, Herman Bavinck and Karl Barth. A timely capstone to this historical view is a stimulating consideration of the atonement and postmodernism.

Finally, the implications of the atonement are brought home in part three with a look at the atonement in contemporary preaching and Christian living.

Here is a full-course feast for ministers of the Word, a textbook for students of the Bible and theology, and a valuable resource for any theological library.

This is a timely resource for those who would seek to understand several of the biblical and theological dimensions of the atonement, and some of the debates surrounding the doctrine. Whether or not one agrees with the basic assumptions, arguments and conclusions of the authors is no barrier to benefiting immensely from this book, which may well be found more frequently on the desk than on the shelf.

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A Tribute to Roger Nicole - Timothy George

General Introduction - Frank A. James III


Part I: Atonement in the Old and New Testaments - Charles E. Hill
1. Atonement in the Pentateuch - Emile Nicole
2. Atonement in Psalm 51 - Bruce K. Waltke
3. Atonement in Isaiah 53 - J. Alan Groves
4. Atonement in the Synoptic Gospels and Acts - Royce Gordon Gruenler
5. Atonement in John's Gospel and Epistles - J. Ramsey Michaels
6. Atonement in Romans 3:21-26 - D. A. Carson
7. Atonement in the Pauline Corpus - Richard Gaffin
8. Atonement in Hebrews - Simon J. Kistemaker
9. Atonement in James, Peter and Jude - Dan G. McCartney
10. Atonement in the Apocalypse of John - Charles E. Hill

Part II: The Atonement in Church History - Frank A. James III
11. Interpreting Atonement in Augustine's Preaching - Stanley P. Rosenberg
12. The Atonement in Medieval Theology - Gwenfair M. Walters
13. The Atonement in Martin Luther's Theology - Timothy George
14. The Atonement in John Calvin's Theology - Henri Blocher
15. Definite Atonement in Historical Perspective - Raymond A. Blacketer
16. The Atonement in Herman Bavinck's Theology - Joel R. Beeke
17. The Ontological Presuppositions of Barth's Doctrine of the Atonement - Bruce L. McCormack
18. The Atonement in Postmodernity: Guilt, Goats and Gifts - Kevin J. Vanhoozer

Part III: The Atonement in the Life of the Christian and the Church - Frank A. James III
19. The Atonement in the Life of the Christian - J. I. Packer
20. Preaching the Atonement - Sinclair B. Ferguson

Postscript on Penal Substitution - Roger Nicole

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Charles E. Hill

Hill is professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He is author of Regnum Caelorum, Patterns of Future Hope in Early Christianity.

Frank A. James III ( DPhil, Oxford; PhD, Westminster) is president of Biblical Theological Seminary, Hatfield, Pennsylvania. Previously, he served as provost and professor of historical theology at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Massachusetts. He is the author of Peter Martyr Vermigli: The Augustinian Inheritance of an Italian Reformer, coauthor of Church History: Reformation to the Present, vol. 2 and coeditor with Heiko Oberman of Via Augustini: Augustine in the Later Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation.