The Essentials Set

Thriving small groups, authentic leaders, compassionate disciples, motivated witnesses—does your church have the essentials?

The Essentials Set is a series of in-depth workbooks that brings the essentials of Christian ministry into contact with the real life of your congregation. With books on discipleship, evangelism, leadership, and the Great Commandment, there is something for everyone at your church—from veteran ministry leaders to regular attenders.

Unique among Bible study materials, the Essentials model seizes the great potential of small groups by calling individuals into intimate, accountable relationships centered on the essentials of God's Word.

Every Essentials experience is built on three conditions for transformation: 1) The unchanging truth of God's Word, 2) transparent relationships, and 3) mutual accountability. As each Essentials group matures in these areas, members are encouraged to start again with new groups—creating an ever-expanding, multigenerational discipling network within your community.

If you want to see unprecedented growth in every facet of your ministry, there's no better place to begin than the Essentials Set.

"Believe me when I say that one of the greatest adventures of life-change awaits you if you were to enter into an Essentials group. Let me invite you into the Holy Spirit's hothouse of growth."

—Pastor Greg Ogden

Tremper Longman III
17 Sessions
Robbie F. Castleman
12 Sessions
Greg Ogden
12 Sessions
Daniel Meyer
12 Sessions
Greg Ogden and Daniel Meyer
12 Sessions
Greg Ogden
8 Sessions
Greg Ogden
25 Sessions