The Divine Christology of the Apostle Paul: Retrospect and Prospect, By Christopher R. Bruno and John J. R. Lee and Thomas R. Schreiner alt

The Divine Christology of the Apostle Paul

Retrospect and Prospect

by Christopher R. Bruno, John J. R. Lee, and Thomas R. Schreiner

The Divine Christology of the Apostle Paul
  • Length: 256 pages
  • Published: May 28, 2024
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
  • Item Code: A0115
  • ISBN: 9781514001158

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The last fifty years of Pauline scholarship have provided numerous insights to both the academy and the church. Some of those most important discussions have related to the question of Paul's view of Christ with respect to his divinity. While the landscape is rich with scholarly findings, it can be overwhelming to navigate the complex lines of argumentation and the interactions between various key scholars.

In The Divine Christology of the Apostle Paul, biblical scholars Chris Bruno, John Lee, and Thomas Schreiner explore the more detailed and often perplexing conversations concerning the divinity of Christ, bringing helpful guidance and clarity to scholars' various articulations, including those of:

  • Richard Bauckham
  • Larry Hurtado
  • Chris Tilling
  • N. T. Wright
  • and others

After offering a cohesive and constructive understanding of such landmark studies, they then provide their own insights through the exegetical study of key New Testament passages related to Paul's Christology.

Filled with helpful charts, appendixes, and study aids, The Divine Christology of the Apostle Paul is an essential guide for any student, pastor, or scholar looking for an insightful distillation of this key dimension of Pauline studies.

"Chris Bruno, John J. R. Lee, and Thomas R. Schreiner offer an insightful overview of recent scholarship on the apostle Paul's Christology while also engaging in their own detailed examination of the key texts in Paul's letters to show that Paul does indeed have a divine Christology. In particular, they demonstrate with clarity and attention to detail that Paul's Jesus shares in the lordship of Israel's God; he is the pre-existent agent of creation who is worthy of worship because of his incarnate life and atoning death. A useful book to begin the study of Paul's Christology."

Michael F. Bird, deputy principal of Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia, and author of A Bird's Eye View of Luke and Acts

"This book fulfills its stated intention—to provide readers with an introduction to recent significant discussions on Pauline Christology in an accessible manner. Readers will benefit from its concise summaries and evenhanded evaluations of the four selected scholars who have advanced this conversation. The authors' theological perspectives are well presented through their exegetical analyses of key scriptural passages."

Chee-Chiew Lee, professor of New Testament at Singapore Bible College and research fellow with the Langham Partnership, UK

"The New Testament is a book about Jesus of Nazareth, who is Messiah, Savior, Lord, the embodiment of God in his salvific revelation to Jews and Gentiles. In The Divine Christology of the Apostle Paul, readers encounter an analysis of past and present scholarship as well as detailed exegetical work on Paul's statements about Jesus. Since Paul preached nothing but the crucified Messiah (1 Cor 2:2), this important book addresses the foundation and center of Paul's proclamation and theology. As the book accessibly combines interpretive and theological depth, scholars, students, pastors, and all who are interested in what Christians believe will benefit immensely."

Eckhard Schnabel, Mary F. Rockefeller Distinguished Professor of New Testament Studies Emeritus at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"Bruno, Lee, and Schreiner have gifted the church with a terrific overview of contemporary approaches to Christology in Paul. Their survey, balanced and informed, contains helpful taxonomies of the major positions. For anyone looking to enter the debate or simply gain a better understanding of Paul's conception of Christ, this is a wonderful place to start."

Benjamin L. Gladd, professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary

"What a tremendous and well-conceived resource! This fine work offers those entering these discussions a detailed road map. The authors are careful and knowledgeable guides. But more than that, there is also much in these pages for experts to learn from; their helpful criticisms of major scholarly contributions, my own included, deserve sustained attention, as does their positive set of proposals. Paul matters. What he wrote remains load bearing with wide-ranging consequences. And to understand Paul aright, nothing remains as important as the continued need to think and rethink who Jesus is for Paul, and why this matters. This rich and learned book is an immensely valuable aid to that end."

Chris Tilling, head of research and senior lecturer in New Testament at St Mellitus College

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1. Introduction

Part One: Recent Proposals for Pauline Divine Christology
2. The Divine Identity Paradigm: Richard Bauckham
3. The Corporate Worship Paradigm: Larry Hurtado
4. The Christ-Relation Paradigm: Chris Tilling
5. The YHWH's Return Paradigm: N. T. Wright
6. Evaluation

Part Two: Exegetical Analysis for Pauline Divine Christology
7. Jesus, the One Lord of Israel
8. Jesus, the Incarnate God Who Humbled Himself as Man
9. Jesus, the Ruler and Sovereign of Creation and New Creation
10. Jesus, the Subordinate One?
11. Conclusion

Afterword by Thomas R. Schreiner
Appendix I: Other Notable Contributors
Appendix II: For Review
Appendix III: Some Tips on Second Temple Jewish Writings
General Index
Scripture Index


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