The Creative Life: A Workbook for Unearthing the Christian Imagination, By Alice S. Bass

The Creative Life

A Workbook for Unearthing the Christian Imagination

by Alice S. Bass

The Creative Life
  • Length: 120 pages
  • Published: May 03, 2001
  • Imprint: IVP Bible Studies
  • Item Code: 1187
  • ISBN: 9780830811878

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Discover God's creative design for your life!

God created people to be creative. Not just self-described "artists". Everyone. Even you.

But to enjoy the creative life God intends for you, you must free yourself from creative blocks--inhibitions, fears and patterns of sin. You must open yourself to Christ's inspiration. In The Creative Life Alice Bass provides insight, encouragement and experiential exercises to help you identify and overcome your creative blocks. She shows you how to establish an environment that nurtures your individual creativity. Through journaling, Scripture studies, reflection, and a wide array of imaginative activities she inspires you to give your talents to God and allow his creative spirit to transform every aspect of your life.

You can use this book on your personal journey or with a small group who want to grow together. The Creative Life will give you the tools you need to live creatively and wholeheartedly for God.

"Scripture beckons us to live lives of holy creativity--hearts captured by an imaginative spirituality. This workbook is a practical and lovely tool for the believer who longs to live a richer, more creative life in Christ."

Joy Sawyer, author of Dancing to the Heartbeat of Redemption: The Creative Process of Spiritual Growth

"The Creative Life is a straightforward, practical approach to reclaiming your creativity for the Creator. Obviously inspired and delightfully inspirational, Alice Bass speaks eloquently to the artist in each of us that has been silenced by fear but seeks to re-emerge in truth and light. This workbook is a must for the Christian artist who seeks to reconnect or connect for the first time his gifts with the Giver."

Karen Lund, associate artistic director, Taproot Theatre Company

"If you are an artist, you're going to like this book. But it isn't just for you. This is a book that was written for me and everybody else who has been told that being a Christian means to always 'color within the lines.' It's time someone gave biblical permission for Christians to laugh, dance and sing before the throne. This is the book! Read it and give it to your friends. You'll all be glad."

Steve Brown, Bible teacher on the national radio program Key Life


Introduction: Creative Possibilities
1. Creative Foundations: Restoring the Divine Connection
2. Creative Instrument: Life as His Image
3. Creative Invitation: Created for Creativity
4. Creative Environment: A Safe Place for Your Imagination
5. Creative Expansion: Beyond the Borders
6. Creative Calling: Responding to the Hand of God
7. Creative Inspiration: Enjoying Abundant Thinking
8. Creative Living: A Masterpiece in Progress
Leader's Guide: The Creative Life for Small Groups


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Alice S. Bass

Alice Bass is Author Development Manager with HigherLife Development Services. She is also an actress, writer and creative consultant living in Florida, and can currently be seen with the Epcot Acting Company at Walt Disney World. She has performed in professional theaters across the US. Many of her scripts can be found at She is a graduate of Rollins College.