The Beauty of God: Theology and the Arts, Edited by Daniel J. Treier and Mark Husbands and Roger Lundin
The Beauty of God
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  • Published: May 18, 2007
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
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  • ISBN: 9780830828432

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God. Beauty. Art. Theology.

Editors Mark Husbands, Roger Lundin and Daniel J. Treier present ten essays from the 2006 Wheaton Theology Conference that explore a Christian approach to beauty and the arts.

Theology has much to contribute in providing a place for the arts in the Christian life, and the arts have much to contribute to the quality of Christian life, worship and witness.

The 2006 Wheaton Theology Conference explored a wide-ranging Christian approach to divine beauty and the earthly arts. Written and illustrated by artists and theologians, these essays illuminate for us the Christian significance of the visual arts, music and literature, as well as sounding forth the theological meaning and place of the arts in a fallen world--fallen, yet redeemed by Christ.

Here is a veritable feast for pastors, artists, theologians and students eager to consider the profound but not necessarily obvious connection between Christianity and the arts.

This is an exciting and valuable contribution to the dialogue between theology and the arts that takes sin and suffering seriously, even as it highlights the excessive love of God that shines through. It should be welcomed by theologians and practitioners alike.

John W. Nelson, Religious Studies Review, June 2008

The Beauty of God explores the profound beauty of the earthly arts and how they can be used in ministry and fellowship with others.Daniel J. Treier, ed. Nov. 07 Worship Leader

Worship Leader, November 2007


1. Introduction Mark Husbands, Roger Lundin and Daniel J. Treier

Part One--Music: Responding to the Beauty of the Triune Creator
2. Created Beauty: The Witness of J. S. Bach Jeremy S. Begbie
3. Beauty, Sentimentality and the Arts Jeremy S. Begbie
4. Call Forwarding: Improvising the Response to the Call of Beauty Bruce Ellis Benson

Part Two--Visual Arts: Recognizing True Beauty After the Fall
5. The Case for a Broken Beauty: An Art Historical Viewpoint E. John Walford
6. Wounds and Beauty Bruce Herman
7. "Like Shining From Shook Foil": Art, Film and the Sacred Roy Anker

Part Three--Texts and Culture: Bearing Witness to Redemption
8. "Silver Catching the Midday Sun": Poetry and the Beauty of God Jill Pelaez Baumgaertner
9. The Beauty of the Word Re-membered: Scripture Reading as a Cognitive/Aesthatic Practice James Fodor
10. The Beauty of Belief Roger Lundin
11. The Apologetics of Beauty Edward T. Oakes, S.J.



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