Speaking Across Generations

Speaking Across Generations

Messages That Satisfy Boomers, Xers, Millennials, Gen Z, and Beyond

by Darrell E. Hall

Speaking Across Generations
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  • Published: April 05, 2022
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Different generations communicate differently. If you are speaking across generations, you need to understand how different generations hear. Pastor Darrell Hall (a millennial) harnesses the insights of generational science to explore how generations are distinct people groups with their own cultures and languages. With fresh research from the Barna Group on how generations communicate, Hall sheds light on how each generation receives verbal messages, from boomers and Xers to millennials and Gen Z and those not yet named.

Discover how generational science can equip you to communicate effectively. Bridge the communication gap between speaker and listener so people of all generations can hear clearly.

"As a pastor I am blessed to endorse Speaking Across Generations by Darrell Hall! There are so many beautiful insights and helpful revelations for all who desire to share the Word of God and truly reach the broadest audience possible. You will be able to find something that applies to your situation and help you connect the truths of God's amazing Word across generations with power and persuasion."

Ray Bentley, senior pastor of Maranatha Chapel of San Diego, California

"How we think, speak, and live are tied to the efficacy of our message. Dr. Darrell E. Hall masterfully teaches leaders to integrate the message of the gospel across generations. His practical steps promote intergenerational awareness and are key to developing sermons that reach a broader audience. Jesus' message reached all people, and the strategies within this book mirror that paradigm. This is a practical guide for those who desire to remain real and relevant without compromising the authentic gospel message. Through in-depth research, Dr. Hall has quickly become one of the premier thought leaders in this area."

Joseph W. Walker, senior pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee, and international presiding bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International

"Speaking Across Generations is one of the most comprehensive books that I have seen out today that deals spiritually with each living generation. Dr. Hall's expansive research is easy to understand and very relatable for anyone serving in a religious community. It is filled with excellent examples and strong research to help ministers who desire to communicate to all generations through the preaching moment. I was especially pleased that Dr. Hall included a chapter on intergenerational people and intergenerational ministry, which included a great biblical explanation of the concept. This is book is well written and very encouraging for those who truly have a heart for all living generations in the church. It gives a sense of hope and ease that it is possible to speak across generations!"

Bianca Robinson Howard, minister of children and youth at Zion Baptist Church, Marietta, Georgia

"'His kingdom endures from generation to generation.' The Bible recognizes humanity's limitations in the face of time and drives us to the faithfulness of God in every generation. Darrell Hall's inviting and hopeful book invites these different generations of the faithful, old and young, to come together as the community of faith. Resisting the tendency to separate the generations in church, Hall demonstrates how the old and young need each other. The gospel cuts across generational dividing lines and draws the body of Christ together. 'The eye cannot say to the hand . . . .'"

Mark S. Gignilliat, professor of divinity at Beeson Divinity School


1. Generational Science and Its Many Benefits
2. Becoming a Generational Polyglot
3. Language Is More
4. Good News for Elders
5. Good News for Baby Boomers
6. Good News for Generation X
7. Good News for Millennials
8. Good News for Generation Z
9. The Family of God
10. In Everything We Do

Appendix A: About the Research
Appendix B: The Intergenerational God
Appendix C: An Intergenerational People
Appendix D: An Intergenerational Gospel
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Darrell E. Hall

Darrell E. Hall is campus pastor of Elizabeth Baptist Church in Conyers, Georgia, where he regularly preaches and teaches across five generations. He is an experienced preacher and public speaker who has given messages in venues from local Bible studies to a packed NBA arena. Hall has a DMin from Beeson Divinity School, where his doctoral research focused on generational intelligence and effective intergenerational communication. He and his wife, Eboni, have three children.