Soul Searching, By Mindy Caliguire alt

Soul Searching

by Mindy Caliguire

Soul Searching
  • Length: 110 pages
  • Published: April 29, 2010
  • Imprint: IVP Bible Studies
  • Item Code: 6727
  • ISBN: 9780830867271

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Soul searching? We don't really like the sound of that. In fact, if we're honest, we come up with a lot of excuses and activities to help us avoid it. But ignoring it can be dangerous, even deadly, to your soul. This small book helps us do the hard--but good and necessary--work of self-examination, taking an honest look inside, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide and work.

Soul Care® Resources are designed to be simple, but not simplistic, guides to maintaining or recovering the life and health of your soul, that essential personhood created by God as you. In these pages you will learn how to practice soul searching and discern God's voice. In the process, you'll come to know yourself better--both the sins that threaten the health of your soul, as well as your unique gifts and abilities and the new places God might be calling you to.

You use this book in small chunks of daily reading, covering the whole book in the course of four weeks. Also included are four guided group discussions for use with a small group or a spiritual friend.

Are you ready to take a good look at your soul?


Introduction: Who Are You?

Experience One--Embarking on a Brave Journey
Part 1. Peering Within
Part 2. An Honest Look Inside
Part 3. Guided By the Holy Spirit
Part 4. Listening Lessons
Part 5. Group Discussion

Experience Two--Increasing Awareness of God
Part 1. Examen of Consciousness
Part 2. Giving Thanks
Part 3. Reviewing Resolving
Part 4. Being a Seeker
Part 5. Group Discussion

Experience Three--Increasing Awareness of Self
Part 1. Examen of Conscience
Part 2. Fruit of the Spirit
Part 3. Seven Deadly Sins
Part 4. Dealing with Shame
Part 5. Group Discussion

Experience Four--Responding to Grace
Part 1. Early Detection, Early Cure
Part 2. Refining
Part 3. Awareness and Action
Part 4. No Condemnation
Part 5. Group Discussion

Conclusion: No More Stains


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Mindy Caliguire

Mindy Caliguire is founder and president of Soul Care®, a spiritual formation ministry. She serves as the director of transformation ministry for the Willow Creek Association. Mindy is a frequent speaker and retreat leader, working with groups such as the Spiritual Formation Alliance. Her books include Faith Books & Spiritual Journaling (with Sharon Soneff) and Write for Your Soul: The Whys and Hows of Journaling (with Jeff Caliguire).