Slow Church Study Guide, By C. Christopher Smith and John Pattison alt

Slow Church Study Guide

by C. Christopher Smith and John Pattison

Slow Church Study Guide
  • Length: 48 pages
  • Published: March 21, 2016
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 9426
  • ISBN: 9780830894260

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High-speed internet. Rapid rewards. Quick thinking. Fast food. Fast . . . church?

Slow Church by Chris Smith and John Pattison has been eagerly received by a people who are ready to be invited out of franchise faith and back into the kingdom of God. This eleven-session study guide provides an opportunity to reflect on the message of this groundbreaking book both individually and in community.

Each session features

  • A guide to lectio divina
  • Suggested videos that can be watched online
  • A series of in-depth questions expanded from what is currently in the book
  • A quote for reflection

Here is an opportunity to begin to develop a deeper and richer community where people know each other well and love one another as Christ loved the church.

Praise for Slow Church: "Slow Church is a manifesto and handbook rolled into one. . . . It reads like what it is: the long, patient fruit of two men deeply rooted in a particular place, among neighbors they know, love, and serve. . . . Make haste, then. Run, do not walk, to your favorite bookstore, buy a copy, and set your church table for a feast."

Leslie Leyland Fields, Christianity Today, September 2014

Praise for Slow Church: "Inspired by the 'slow food' movement and disheartened by the 'fast' church trends, Smith and Pattison are advocating for 'reimagining what it means to be communities of believers gathered and rooted in particular places at a particular time.' Slow Church promises something richer and more substantive than quick fixes."

Relevant Magazine, May/June 2014

Praise for Slow Church: "The authors write clearly and persuasively; each section of the book offers a theoretical and scriptural basis . . . and practical suggestions for their implementation."

Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW, April 14, 2014


How to Use this Study Guide
1 A Theological Vision for Slow Church
2 Terroir
3 Stability
4 Patience
5 Wholeness
6 Work
7 Sabbath
8 Abundance
9 Gratitude
10 Hospitality
11 Dinner Table Conversation as a Way of Being Church


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C. Christopher Smith

C. Christopher Smith is editor of The Englewood Review of Books and a member of the Englewood Christian Church community on the urban Near Eastside of Indianapolis. He is the coauthor of Slow Church. Chris's writing has appeared in Books and Culture, Sojourners, the Christian Century, and Indiana Green Living.

John Pattison

John Pattison is an author, community advocate, grant writer, and nonprofit consultant who leads The Resourceful Community, a blog that connects community leaders to the resources of community flourishing. He is the coauthor of Slow Church and Besides the Bible: 100 Books that Have, Should, or Will Create Christian Culture. Formerly the managing editor of CONSPIRE Magazine and deputy editor of the Burnside Writers Collective, Pattison's essays, articles, and reviews have appeared in Relevant, Books & Culture, and the Englewood Review of Books. He is also a voting member of the National Book Critics Circle. He lives with his wife, Kate, and their two daughters in Oregon's Mid-Willamette Valley.