Seasons of the Soul: Stages of Spiritual Development, By Bruce Demarest

Seasons of the Soul

Stages of Spiritual Development

by Bruce Demarest

Seasons of the Soul
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.25 in
  • Published: May 22, 2009
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
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  • ISBN: 9780830835355

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Every Christian is on an amazing journey.

But the unfortunate truth is that many of us live largely detached from this fact. Days go by, but it can be hard to feel a sense of movement or growth. Sometimes, in periods of doubt and depression, we might feel stuck in the same place for months.

Yet the truth remains that from the moment we give Christ control of our life, we set out on the most significant journey that exists: the journey of becoming like Jesus. In these pages, spiritual formation professor and New Testament scholar Bruce Demarest helps us grasp the whole picture of the journey we're on that we might live our days with intention and keep moving toward maturity in faith. Using Scripture, writings from our rich spiritual tradition and stories of present-day believers walking the same path of faith, Demarest leads us through the three main stages of the journey:

  • putting our faith in Christ
  • experiencing struggles and doubts
  • coming to deeper faith

In addition, discussion and reflection questions at the end of each chapter help you see where you've been and what stage you're at now. And throughout the book, you will be reminded of the ultimate destination: perfection, wholeness and eternity with Christ.

Whether you are struggling and feeling stuck or experiencing a time of great joy, these pages will give you perspective, courage and hope as they guide you on the path of becoming like Jesus.

"Seasons of the Soul can be helpful for any Christian, but particularly for those who are relatively new in the journey and are experiencing the 'disorientations' that Demarest describes. Understanding that difficult experiences are normal parts of every Christian's lived experience, used by God to deepen our relationship with Him, will bring hope, encouragement, and direction for those who might otherwise give up, concluding that God has abandoned them."

R. Thomas Ashbrook, Journal of Spiritual Formation Soul Care, 2010

"A discussion of the unique journey every Christian takes through their life through simply laying their faith and their lives into the hands of Christ."

James A. Cox, Wisconsin Bookwatch, October 2009


1 Initial Orientation: Seeds of New Life
2 Painful Disorientation: Seasons of Distress
3 Painful Disorientation: Understanding Why We Suffer
4 Painful Disorientation: Dark Night of the Soul
5 Painful Disorientation: Redemptive Responses
6 Joyful Reorientation: Savor of Resurrection
7 Conclusion
Appendix: Spiritual Journey Paradigms: Classical and Contemporary
Index of Names
Scripture Index


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Bruce Demarest

Bruce Demarest (1935-2021) was professor of Christian formation at Denver Seminary in Littleton, Colorado. He is author of The Human Person in Theology & Psychology, Soul Guide, Satisfy Your Soul, The Cross & Salvation, Integrative Theology, General Revelation, and Who Is Jesus?