Science and the Doctrine of Creation

Science and the Doctrine of Creation

The Approaches of Ten Modern Theologians

Edited by Geoffrey H. Fulkerson and Joel Thomas Chopp

Science and the Doctrine of Creation
  • Length: 275 pages
  • Published: March 02, 2021
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Can Christians take seriously the claims of modern science without compromising their theological integrity? Can theology contribute to our understanding of the natural world without reducing the doctrine of creation to a few flashpoint issues? While there is no shortage of works that treat the intersection between science and religion, little attention has been paid to the theological reception of developments of modern science. Yet a deeper look at the history of Christian thought offers a wealth of insight from theological giants for navigating this complex terrain.

Science and the Doctrine of Creation examines how influential modern theologians—from the turn of the nineteenth century through the present—have engaged the scientific developments of their times in light of the doctrine of creation. In each chapter a leading Christian thinker introduces readers to the unique contributions of a key theologian in responding to the assumptions, claims, and methods of science. Chapters include

  • Kevin J. Vanhoozer on T. F. Torrance
  • Katherine Sonderegger on Karl Barth
  • Craig G. Bartholomew on Abraham Kuyper
  • Christoph Schwöbel on Wolfhart Pannenberg

Edited by Geoffrey Fulkerson and Joel Chopp of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding, this book grows out of the Henry Center's Creation Project, which promotes biblically faithful and scientifically engaged dialogue around the doctrine of creation. From Warfield's critical appraisal of Darwinian evolution to Pannenberg's pneumatological reflections on field theory, these studies explore how Christians can think more carefully about the issues at stake using the theological resources of their traditions.

"This volume represents another valuable contribution of the Creation Project to our understanding of this vital doctrine. The thinkers profiled are influential, and the chapter authors are insightful. As the editors suggest, these case studies frequently deepen our awareness that seeking appropriate concord between theology and science is complex but inevitable for biblical Christians."

Daniel J. Treier, Knoedler Professor of Theology at Wheaton College


Introduction (Geoffrey H. Fulkerson and Joel Thomas Chopp)
1. William Burt Pope (1822–1903): Primary and Secondary Creation (Fred Sanders)
2. Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920): Enlightenment, Science, Worldview, and the Christian Mind (Craig Bartholomew)
3. B. B. Warfield (1851–1921): Evolution, Human Origins, and the Development of Theology (Bradley J. Gundlach)
4. Rudolf Bultmann (1884–1976): Myth, Science, and Hermeneutics (Joshua W. Jipp)
5. Karl Barth (1886–1968): The Doctrine of Creation and the World of Science (Katherine Sonderegger)
6. T. F. Torrance (1913–2007): Christ the Key to Creation and Theological Science (Kevin J. Vanhoozer)
7. Jürgen Moltmann (1926–): The Environment of Science and Theology (Stephen N. Williams)
8. Wolfhart Pannenberg (1928–2014): Nature, Contingency, and the Spirit (Christoph Schwöbel)
9. Robert Jenson (1930–2017): History’s God (Stephen John Wright)
10. Colin E. Gunton (1941–2003): The Triune God, Scientific Endeavor, and God’s Creation Project (Murray A. Rae)
Afterword by Alister E. McGrath
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Geoffrey H. Fulkerson

Geoffrey H. Fulkerson (PhD, TEDS) is assistant director of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is founder and editor-in-chief of HCTU's periodical, Sapientia.

BY Geoffrey H. Fulkerson

Joel Thomas Chopp

Joel Thomas Chopp (PhD candidate, University of Toronto) is project and communications manager for the Henry Center's Creation Project. He also serves as associate editor of Sapientia.

BY Joel Thomas Chopp