Recalibrate Your Life: Navigating Transitions with Purpose and Hope, By Kenneth Boa and Jenny Abel alt

Recalibrate Your Life

Navigating Transitions with Purpose and Hope

by Kenneth Boa and Jenny Abel

Recalibrate Your Life
  • Length: 256 pages
  • Published: February 21, 2023
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: A0073
  • ISBN: 9781514000731

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As we make our way through life, we find ourselves in times of transition where we need to reassess who we are and what we do.

Living well doesn't happen automatically for followers of Christ—it happens when we have planned ahead by reviewing and recalibrating our lives on a regular basis, and when we transition from one stage of life to the next. Times of transition, especially in midlife or later life, are ideal moments for recalibrating our priorities and habits.

Ken Boa and Jenny Abel give us the perspective and practical tools needed to evaluate our God-given gifts, talents, skills, wisdom, knowledge, resources, and opportunities so we can use them to the full extent God desires. It involves an intentional recalibration and envisioning of one's life based on God's universal and unique purposes for each person as we move from the demands of our careers into a deeper sense of calling. This eternal perspective allows us to live meaningfully now and into the future so that the best is yet to come.

"We all leave a legacy. The decisions and actions we make and take today are forming that legacy and how we are remembered when we depart this earth. In this watershed book Recalibrate Your Life, Kenneth Boa and Jenny Abel provide a comprehensive and robust treatment of this topic. They provide ways to think about your legacy and also tools to help you make it a reality. Start today. Eternity is right around the corner for all of us."

Russ Crosson, chief mission officer of Ronald Blue Trust

"Grounded firmly in Scripture, Ken and Jenny present a compelling case for regular recalibration of our lives and provide practical tools and provocative questions to keep us focused on the grace of God, allowing God to create God's legacy with our lives. This is not only a retirement or end-of-life study guide. It is for all of life: a compass to keep our path true. This book makes you think about life, today and tomorrow."

Walter C. Wright Jr., executive director of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership and author of Relational Leadership

"As we are told in Scripture, the Lord our God does not change. However, our lives are subject to change in ways that are both expected and unexpected. We make our plans, but the Lord directs our steps. For those who are searching for solid ground on which to plant their feet, especially during times of movement and transition, Recalibrate Your Life is a helpful, thoroughly scriptural field guide."

Scott Sauls, senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church and author of Beautiful People Don't Just Happen

"Callings are seasonal, not static. If you sense God leading you into a new season, don't embark on the journey without Recalibrate Your Life."

Jordan Raynor, author of Called to Create and Redeeming Your Time

"We would have been lost without it, wandering about and arriving nowhere in particular. It was the maps app that guided my family through our first international vacation. And it always began by identifying our current location and then offering us proven routes to our desired destinations. Recalibrate Your Life is like a maps app for a meaningful life. Chapter after chapter, Boa and Abel help readers assess their current location and move toward their desired destination through tools that are intelligent, practical, and doable. The exercises (which are refreshingly absent of fluff) would be of benefit to all who breathe. But for those in transition, in confusion, or simply in indecision, this book could be the God-magnetized compass you need to take your next step with intention and infuse your next season with meaning."

Alicia Britt Chole, author of Anonymous: Jesus' Hidden Years . . . and Yours and Forty Days of Decrease

"Ken Boa and Jenny Abel's book is both a scholarly and a personal exhortation to the fact that we as Christians have only one life to live and one chance to live it with the eternal perspective and purpose that will matter at the end. Replete with tools and supporting glimpses into the lives of the authors and others who seek to live with eternally significant intentionality, it isn't, and is not intended to be, a quick fix but a real plan for living as a fruitful disciple."

Buck Jacobs, founder of the C12 Group and author of A Christian Road Less Traveled

"Your life is a God-given pilgrimage. Are you walking it with meaning and purpose? Are you investing it wisely in the people God brings your way? Fellow pilgrims Ken Boa and Jenny Abel employ Scripture and experience-based wisdom to enable you to answer yes to these questions. And they offer practical tools to help you recalibrate when you choose a new road or take an unexpected path. No matter how far you've traveled along the trail of life, you'll benefit from this insightful and helpful guidebook. If you want to live well to the glory of God, this book is for you."

James E. Taylor, coauthor of Soul Pilgrimage: Knowing God in Everyday Life

"Ken Boa and Jenny Abel offer several tools throughout this book that inspire a paradigm shift in the way we think about our work and calling. From offering practical thoughts on retirement to stewarding our time, talent, treasure, truth, and relationships, Boa and Abel ground everything in the unfailing, everlasting truth of Scripture. There is great wisdom in this book for anyone."

D. Michael Lindsay, president of Taylor University and author of Hinge Moments: Making the Most of Life's Transitions

"Ken Boa and Jenny Abel have done it again. At a time when the world has changed as never before, we have a unique opportunity to recalibrate our life, priorities, focus, and purpose; this book provides the wisdom and the way to do just that. I highly recommend it."

Chip Ingram, author of True Spirituality and founder and CEO of Living on the Edge

"I, like so many others, find books about life purpose irresistible. Purpose plus me is a compelling combination. Ken Boa and Jenny Abel's book, Recalibrate Your Life, sets a new standard for the genre. Every chapter contains a comprehensive overview of God's perspective on the subject, and this—coupled with interesting stories, creative metaphors, and the wisdom of sages across time—brings the content alive in a manner that compels deep reflection on the part of readers of any age."

Pat MacMillan, founder of Triaxia Partners and author of The Performance Factor

"Bringing together scriptural insight, practical tools, and examples from their own lives (including Boa’s multiple near-death experiences), . . . this is more an option for those in midlife or older. Believers eager to take a fresh look at their lives will find this a welcome resource."

Publishers Weekly, November 2022


Introduction: The Road Goes Ever On and On

Part I—Perspective: What Gives Meaning to Life?
1. Leaving a Godly Legacy
2. Numbering Our Days
3. Treasuring God and People
4. Moving from Career to Calling
5. Developing a Better Vision of Retirement

Part II—Purpose: What Gives Direction to Life?
6. Understanding God's Purposes
7. Discovering Your Unique Purpose

Part III—Practice: How Do I Wisely Invest My Life?
8. Stewarding All That God Gives
9. Stewarding Time
10. Stewarding Talent
11. Stewarding Treasure
12. Stewarding Truth
13. Stewarding Relationships

Conclusion: Living So That the Best Is Yet to Come

Index of All Tools
Tips on Using the Tools
Seven Keys to Living and Finishing Well
Scripture Guide for Transitions


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Kenneth Boa

Kenneth Boa is an author, a speaker, and the president of Reflections Ministries, Omnibus Media Ministries, and Trinity House Publishers. He is the author of over fifty books, including Faith Has Its Reasons, Rewriting Your Broken Story, Life in the Presence of God, and Shaped by Suffering. He is a contributing editor to the Open Bible, the Promise Keepers Men's Study Bible, and the Leadership Bible, and is the consulting editor of the Zondervan NASB Study Bible.

Jenny Abel

Jenny Abel is an editor and writer for Ken Boa. She cowrote Shaped by Suffering and A Guide to Practicing God’s Presence with Ken Boa and edited Life in the Presence of God. Owner of Jenny M. Abel Editorial Services, she holds a BS in mathematics with a concentration in Latin American studies from Furman University and is a graduate of the Focus on the Family Leadership Institute.