Rational Faith: A Philosopher's Defense of Christianity, By Stephen T. Davis alt
Rational Faith
  • Length: 191 pages
  • Published: October 03, 2016
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 7334
  • ISBN: 9780830873340

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  • 2017 Dallas Willard Center Book Award Finalist

Why believe in God?

If God exists, why doesn't he eliminate suffering and evil? Does evolution disprove Christianity? Can religion be explained by cognitive science?

People have grappled for ages with these kinds of questions. And many in today's academic world find Christian belief untenable. But renowned philosopher Stephen Davis argues that belief in God is indeed a rational and intellectually sound endeavor. Drawing on a lifetime of rigorous reflection and critical thinking, he explores perennial and contemporary challenges to Christian faith. Davis appraises objections fairly and openly, offering thoughtful approaches to common intellectual problems.

Real questions warrant reasonable responses. Examine for yourself the rationality of the Christian faith.

"In this book, Stephen Davis offers a clear and cogent case for the reasonableness of Christian faith. In a relatively short book, Davis manages to treat just about every issue that an honest person concerned about Christian faith might want to ask, ranging from reasons to believe in God and Jesus as God's Son to problems connected to science, religious diversity and uniqueness, and evil. Davis is fair to the critics of Christianity and careful not to claim more than his arguments warrant. This is a book that will be helpful to both believers and unbelievers. The tone is personal and down-to-earth; the reader comes away with a sense of having had an enjoyable, stimulating, and possibly life-changing conversation."

C. Stephen Evans, professor of philosophy and humanities, Baylor University, professorial fellow, Australian Catholic University

"With characteristic clarity, rigor, and accessibility, Stephen Davis presents a compelling defense of the Christian faith. While taking a fresh look at traditional arguments, Rational Faith also addresses cutting-edge topics in apologetics such as the implications of evolutionary and psychological accounts of the origin of religious belief. This is a valuable resource for Christian believers and skeptics alike."

Michael J. Murray, senior visiting scholar, Franklin Marshall College

"[Davis] offers objective evidence for belief in God's existence and makes the case for God's existence as the basis of morality. He covers these complex topics with clear, orderly arguments and with charity. . . . Recommend Rational Faith especially to college students, high school seniors, and other customers who want to better understand, share, or defend their faith."

Daniel Johnson, Christian Market, December 2016


1. Is There Any Such Thing as Objective Truth?
2. Why Believe in God?
3. Is the Bible's Picture of Jesus Reliable?
4. Was Jesus Raised from the Dead?
5. Does Evolution Disprove Christianity?
6. Can Cognitive Science Explain Religion?
7. Is Christianity Unique?
8. Do Evil and Suffering Show That God Does Not Exist?
9. Can We Be Happy Apart from God?
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Stephen T. Davis

Stephen T. Davis (PhD, Claremont Graduate University) is the Russell K. Pitzer Professor of Philosophy at Claremont McKenna College. He specializes in the philosophy of religion and Christian thought, and he is the author or editor of over fifteen books including Encountering Evil, Christian Philosophical Theology, and Disputed Issues. He has also written more than seventy academic articles and reviews. In 2015, he was honored with the festschrift Christian Philosophy of Religion: Essays in Honor of Stephen T. Davis.