Preaching the New Testament, Edited by Ian Paul and David Wenham
Preaching the New Testament
  • Length: 263 pages
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  • Published: February 01, 2013
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
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  • ISBN: 9780830839902

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The New Testament writers proclaimed their message passionately and persuasively. This volume explores how we can preach faithfully from those texts. The chapters cover the main texts and genres of the New Testament, and offer particular insights into the infancy narratives, parables, miracles, the Sermon on the Mount, ethics, future hope and judgment, archaeology and history, hermeneutics and the "New Homiletic."

Building on sound principles of interpretation, communication and application, this book supports the efforts of preachers and Bible teachers to proclaim the good news to listeners today.

Contributors include: Charles Anderson, D. A. Carson, the late R. T. France, Justin Hardin, Mariam Kamell, I. Howard Marshall, Jason Maston, John Nolland, Peter Oakes, William Olhausen, Klyne Snodgrass, Helge Stadelmann, Christoph Stenschke, Stephen Travis, Paul Weston and Stephen Wright.

"You will find in this collection of essays a treasure trove of convictions and insights about preaching the New Testament that can nourish, challenge and enrich any pastor's sermons. I read it eagerly and thankfully, in agreement and disagreement, but with gratitude throughout."

Mark Labberton, Ogilvie Associate Professor of Preaching and director, Ogilvie Institute of Preaching, Fuller Theological Seminary

"This is a first-rate set of essays from an international slate of contributors--scholars and students of the New Testament who are also preachers themselves. In conversation with the best of evangelical scholarship, they boldly address the challenges facing proclamation of the New Testament in a postmodern context. At once intellectually profound and immediately practical, these studies offer a masterful combination of careful exegesis, incisive theological reflection and balanced homiletical application for the life of the church today."

Michael P. Knowles, George Franklin Hurlburt Professor of Preaching, McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario

"Every Christian preacher must preach from the New Testament. The New Testament is made up of different genres of literature, and each section has its own power and problems. Here are the musings of nineteen different scholars who present the challenges and the benefits of these up-to-date ancient writings that should persuade a pastor to study the New Testament again for the first time."

Haddon Robinson, Harold John Ockenga Professor of Preaching, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"[T]his is an excellent addition to my library and to the field. If you're preaching the New Testament, locate the pertinent section in this book and reap the benefits of scholars who have written for those of us at the 'coalface of ministry.'"

Randal Emery Pelton, Journal of the Evangelical Homiletics Society, September 2013

"Preaching the New Testament is a must-have resource for students who are just beginning their homiletic journey and for pastors who need a fresh look at the New Testament. You will not walk away from this book wondering how or if you will use the information in it. These scholarly and practical insights can be applied in the pulpit next Sunday."

Patricia Batten, Africanus Journal, November 2014

"Preaching the New Testament offers help to any reader interested in integration of biblical scholarship and preaching. . . . For the reader who wants greater exegetical and academic substance than many works on homiletics provide, and sharper focus on proclamation than is typical of most biblical scholarship, this is a good place—and in many instances an excellent place—to begin."

Clarence DeWitt "Jimmy" Agan III, Presbyterion, Fall 2016



Ian Paul and David Wenham
1. Preaching the Gospels
D. A. Carson
2. Preaching on the Infancy Narratives
R. T. France
3. Preaching Jesus? Parables
Klyne Snodgrass
4. Preaching the miracles of Jesus
Stephen I. Wright
5. Preaching the Sermon on the Mount
David Wenham
6. The challenges and opportunities for preaching from the Acts of the Apostles
Christoph Stenschke
7. Preaching Paul?s Letters
Justin K. Hardin and Jason Maston
8. Preaching from the Pastoral Epistles
I. Howard Marshall
9. The challenge and opportunity of preaching Hebrews
Charles A. Anderson
10. Preaching the General Epistles
Mariam J. Kamell
11. Preaching from the book of Revelation
Ian Paul
12. How archaeology and history can help with New Testament preaching
Peter Oakes
13. Preaching the ethics of the New Testament
John Nolland
14. Preaching hope and judgment
Stephen Travis
15. The hermeneutics of relationship: theological understanding for New Testament preaching
William Olhausen
16. The role of exegesis and biblical texts in preaching the New Testament: Engaging with the ?New Homiletic?
Helge Stadelmann
17. Preaching the gospel from the Gospels
Paul Weston

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Ian Paul is a freelance theologian, writer, speaker, adjunct professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary, and associate minister at St. Nicholas' Church, Nottingham, England. He is the author of Revelation (TNTC) and coeditor of Preaching the New Testament.

David Wenham

David Wenham (PhD, Manchester) has served as director of the Tyndale House Gospels Research project, dean and vice principal at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and tutor in New Testament at Trinity College, Bristol. His books include The Parables of Jesus, Paul and Jesus: The True Story, and Preaching the New Testament (coedited with Ian Paul).